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Makeover of Sabarmati River in Ahemdabad



On my recent visit to Ahmadabad I encountered very pleasant surprise. City looks more clean and Sabarmati looks beautiful now as compared to what it looked like a decade back.  I also came to know that people are not allowed to take bath in Sabarmati river as it is the root cause of a lot of pollution . People not only used to take bath but also used to dump a lot of garbage into the river. River lost its life due to pollution and other factors. Narendra Modi’s Gujarat government took many positive steps to bring back the life back to the river.They built up  two dams on two directions of the river, so the water is held in between. This was done because the water level in river went too low.



They have made beautiful tracks for cycling on the both the banks of river. People can enjoy boat riding and beauty of the nature here. Bathing is also prohibited due to the fact that river is too deep.




Sabarmati river starts from Aravali range near Udaipur city in Rajasthan. For initial ten kilometers it runs in Rajasthan then for the rest of its nearly 350kms journey it travels in Gujarat only where it merges in Arabian sea. The road adjacent to river takes you to directly to Ahmedabad airport. Sometime back there was a huge slums on the banks. The inhabitants were given flats and moved there. The side roads and beautification of the banks was carried out later on. Overall it’s a great to see the change of Sabarmati in Ahemdabad. River and city look much better now.




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