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Winters in Village


This is winter season start from the month of November, in India. It reminds me of my time spent in my village. If you ask what is the best time to visit a village I would say this is the best time to visit a village in India. Summers are unbearable in northern plains because of extreme heat and  and rainy season is even worse to cope with. But if you like villages and want to visit , this is the best time to visit.

At this time you will find  fields full of greenery because of recently finished monsoons. You can see greenery everywhere.



You will find vegetable in field . Although if you live in  a metro you may not feel the vegetable shortage due to around the year imports and transportation of vegetable from different parts of country or even globe at times. But if you visit any Indian village at this time of year, you will find vegetable like Radish, Coriander, Carrot, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Peas, Tomatoes, onions, Potatoes , brinjals (eggplant) and lots of other vegetable growing in field and you can pluck them from the field and use it for cooking.




You will even find  Grams, Peas and Green wheat(Still raw you cant use it, but farm looks like a green carpet due to their lush green hue) in field now. We actually used to roast the Gram plants and then used to pick the roasted grams from the fire. This tastes yummy with a little bit of salt and chutney made from green chilly and coriander and ginger just picked from the field.


Another preparation we used to relish was with Peas and Potatoes. Here we used to cook Green peas and Potatoes with coriander, green chilly , salt and a little other ingredients and used to call it ‘Saloni’. Don,t know how many people will be using this  term. But this was super stratifying dish for us in the field and garden.



People sit around ‘alaws’  now in evenings and in early mornings. It used to be fund to just collect the dry branches and leaves to burn in ‘alaws’ (bonfire everyday). Usually alwas are burnt from evenings to late nights. Ans if you are on the outskirts of the village then people returning fro their fields will come and sit to make themselves a little warm from the chilling waters of their farms . This is the time when people share their views and stories and information with each other in villages.

A man and boy sit with three street dog puppies next to a fire on a cold winter morning, Chachiyawas village, Rajasthan, India

Winters are really cool season to visit villages for sure in winters. Guys pack your bags and do visit a village this winter!!!



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