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Use Isochronic beats to cure cold & flu


I had cold today and didn’t feel like taking any medicine. It was a high sales pressure day today in office and I was finding it difficult to concentrate because of cough adn cold. As an alternative I searched for biural beats today for cold on youtube and found out following link.

Cold And Flu Relief – Isochronic Tones


The link is a recording of isochronic beats for relieving cold and flu. At first I found the idea of curing by listening to music amusing if not impossible. But i decided to give it a try and played the video. I just listened to it for 10 minutes and felt a little difference in my condition. To my amazement I felt a little relief with the beat.


I saw comments from other people as well.Soe of them read like following:

Shashi Ashok2 weeks ago
some vapor rub and this. you are good to go! worked for me (:

Chameleon Gutierrez1 month ago
WoW my headache was reduced, amazing

Candy Ayles4 months ago
I have an awful head cold curtesy of the 2 year old! Im 15 minutes in and I can actually feel my ears repressurising, my eyes have stopped stinging and my nose is clear, this is the second time Im using this, first time was a few months back and now I swear by it!

There was scepticism too…

Nakul Kundra2 months ago (edited)
This is nothing but a simple placebo effect : those who are saying it works are absolutely right and those who believe that this can not work are equally correct 🙂 … this works on your mental (psychological) acceptance that you are being healed ….

To which someone relied

Amanda2 months ago
Well that says a lot about the power of our minds. To an extent, if you believe, you can heal yourself with your thoughts.

I was relived too from my cold and cough for sometime though it was not cured completely. Obviously you need to listen to it longer to obtain best results.

The degree it affects the people might vary from person to person but it surely is worth a try in case you do not want to use medicine.

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