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Review of book: Autobiography of a Yogi


Review of book: Autobiography of a Yogi

There would have been a lot of reviews about this modern classic book Autobiography of a Yogi  from so many authorities but somehow, I deeply feel about this book and wanted to give the review of this book from the perspective of a common office going person reading in current generation. The book was written in early 1900’s. It has been more than hundred years since this book has been written but book has not lost the charm yet with masses.a

Autobiography of a Yogi  is very popular among western masses who want to understand the basic philosophy of Hinduism. No, do not mistake this as a dry philosophy book. This is an autobiography written by Sri Paramhans Yogananda (5 January 1893 – 7 March 1952) .His childhood name was Mukunda. The book describes his entire life with very carefully narrated interesting incidents which happened during his lifetime .This book carries the message while describing the thought process of a young boy who grew up to be a yogi of a Paramhansa order later on his life. His life started from the streets of Kolkata and settled in far away on the on Ship City of Sparta to Boston city of US in 1920 for the firs time. He established world famous Self Realization Fellowship society in US later on fro his Kriya Yoga disciples.

It is said that Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs had pre-arranged to gift a copy of Autobiography of a Yogi  to everyone who came to attend his funeral. If such an iconic man considers this as most important gift toe be given to his close ones. This is definitely worth a reading of a lifetime.


Autobiography of a Yogi is so engaging that once I started reading , I couldn’t keep down the book. I finished it at one go without sleeping in 3 days, 2nights. I read the chapters again as I was so engrossed in that era and the incidences that took place in story , that I felt them happening just in front of my eyes. The book is on a great optimistic note and alleviates you in any situation and makes you more positive about life. Although philosophy but it is not dry at all. It has got incidences which will keep you enraged through your entire reading.

Reading this book is the best thing you can with you free time if your are on job, this is my bet. As far as a spiritually oriented person is concerned , this book could be most inspiring book he has ever read. If you feel so , please do comment here and let us know how connected you felt after reading this book.

This book definitely be one of the MUST READ BOOKS OF YOUR LIFE!.

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