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Why office tea machine cannot stop us from going out for Cutting Tea


This one is very interesting discussion we were having today. Why do we go outside to have tea when we have tea vending machine inside our office?

People came out very frankly with their opinion on this topic today. Least political relevance of this topic I guess ;).

Some said that cutting tea had better flavor than our office masala tea. Some said that cutting tea was less sugary as compared to our office tea Or Tea served over there was fresh as compared to the powder based tea in our office.

Finally we discussed what we do when we go for the tea outside. Answer lies there.
We like to gossip over tea. It gives us a breather.Someone said that it allows him to think better when he is out and has better ideas flowing in if he is out of his cubicle and oflice. Some people said they like to see that greenery outside while going out for tea.

We concluded that we go out because we need a break and all of the above mentioned points are true and are the reason why we prefer to go out to have our favorite cutting tea than our office vending machine, provided we are not overburdened with work.


What is your reason for having cutting tea outside office?

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