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Durga Puja 2022|Durga Pooja Timings, Fast Rules with dates


This year Durga puja (Durga Puja 2022) will be celebrated from 26 September 2022, Monday to 4th October 2022, Tuesday. Sacred Kalash(Pitcher) Installation will be held on will be on first day of Durga Puja 26 September and thereafter every day one goddess will be worshipped. There is no day reduction (Tithi Kshay) this time. Last day fire sacrifice-Havan events will be held on 4th October only, but before 1.33 am afternoon as Navami will finish by then.

Dussehra will be celebrated on 5th October 2022, with full fervor.

Durga Puja 2022-Time Table

Sl No.DateHindu MonthDayPresiding DeityActivity
126 September 2022Ashwin Shukl PratipadaPratipada,MondayMaa ShailputriSacred Pitcher Installation
227 September 2022Ashwin Shukl DwitiyaDwitiya,TuesdayMaa Brahmcharini
328 September 2022Ashwin Shukl TritiyaTritiya,WednesdayMaa Chandraghanta
429 September 2022Ashwin Shukl ChaturthiChaturthi,ThursdayMaa KushmandaVainayaki Ganesh Chaturthi Fast
530 September 2022Ashwin Shukl PanchamiPanchami,FridayMaa Skandmata
61 October 2022Ashwin Shukl ShashthiShashthi,SaturdayMaa KatyayaniBilva Invitation
72 October 2022Ashwin Shukl SaptamiSaptami,SundayMaa KalratriSarswati Invitation, Mahanisha Pooja, Annapurna parikrama from evening 6.21pm
83 October 2022Ashwin Shukl AshtamiAshtami,MondayMaa MahagauriMahashtami fast, Durgashtami, Annapurna parikrama till 3.59pm
94 October 2022Ashwin Shukl NavamiNavami,TuesdayMaa SiddhidatriMahanavami Vrat, Havan till 1.33 pm, Vijaydashami Seemollanghan, Shami Worship
105 October 2022Ashwin Shukl DashamiDashami,WednesdayPattabhishek Vijaydashami

Durga Puja 2022 Fast

During Durga Pooja (Durga Puja 2022-Navratri), devotees traditionally fast for nine (9) days to earn the blessings of Divine Mother Bhagwati (the manifestation of Parashakti). While yet some people fast for eight days and end the fast on Navami by performing Havan, etc. This year Navami is falling on 4th October hence you should preform sacred fire ritual ‘havan’ on that day itself


Trivia: Navratri days in the year 2014 also on same dates as in 2002. The Navratri in 2014 also began on September 25 and ended on October 4.

Durga Puja 2022 Fasting days

Also, those working people who do not fast for the entire nine days duration, keep the partial fast by keeping first fast on Pratipada-first day of Durga Pooja (26 September 2022, this year) and the final fast on eighth day of Ashtami (3 October 2022). This is also termed as ‘jode ka vrat'(जोड़े का व्रत)- a shorter version of two fast only. Yet during this type of fast, some may keep one additional fast on 4th day-Chaturthi (29 September) or 5th day-Panchami (30 September) in between too. However, even when there is no fasting, it is absolutely necessary to maintain celibacy and purity during entire Durga Pooja.

Durga Puja 2022 Fasting Restrictions

Non-vegetarian food and alcohol are strictly forbidden during Durga Puja Navratri. This ban applies to all Hindus, fasters and non-fasters alike. As a result, refrain from consuming alcohol or meat during the nine days of Durga Puja 2022 (i.e. From 26 September to 4 October 2022). This is bare minimum protocol that you should follow. Further, if possible, avoid touching them even on Dashami, Ekadashi (Importance of Ekadashi), and Dwadashi for the next three days following the completion of Navratri, as Dashami is the holy festival of Vijayadashami – Dussehra, followed by the holy Ashwin Shukla Papankusha Ekadashi, which concludes on Dwadashi the next day.

As a result, if possible, abstain till Dwadashi. If you consume non-vegetarian food or drink alcohol on Dashami and Ekadashi days, you will forfeit the virtues you gained during Navratri. Hence, during the Durga Puja 2022 fast, you must abstain from all non-vegetarian and alcoholic beverages from September 26 to October 6, 2022. Additionally, people also avoid eating onion and garlic during Durga Puja (2022) because they are ‘tamasic‘ and promote negative energies.

Durga Puja Fast Benefits

The Durga Puja-Navratri fast is one of the most powerful fasts. Many people’s life has changed dramatically as a result of the Durga Puja fast’s impact. The effect of Goddess Bhagwati’s nature aspect pervades the entire surroundings during Navratri. If you are sensitive enough, you will notice an increase in energy force in your surroundings. Following complete celibacy, one should accumulate the maximum possible spiritual merit during this time.

You should understand that there is a downpour of spiritual benefits during these nine days of Navratri; all you have to do is gather as much of this spiritual benefit as possible without leaving any holes in your vessel of conduct. To increase the capacity of the character, do fasting, recitation, havan, charity, etc. Paramba Bhagwati is capable of bestowing everything on her worshippers, including a life filled with abundant wealth, affluence, and progeny.

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