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Why brahmacharya can also give you a high?


Brahmacharya of abstinence from sex is often perceived to be a tough, strenuous and dull process. Often basically for people who prefer to be aloof or not socially active.  Very rarely we recognize that verily we all have in our points of life have observed the Brahmacharya. Definitely the period before puberty is all celibate but even after that there would be patches where we have tasted the refreshing touch it brings to our lives.

Human body essentially needs different things at different times, at times it needs food at times it needs hunger also to autophagy. Brahmacharya is our need as well and that is why some yogis and Sanyasis remain life long celibate.

Being free from sex desire is  a great feeling of liberation. Once you are not burdened of virtual sex obligation ,  our minds thinks those things which we have not thought till date. If the mind is free form sex thought it feel as great relief you enjoy the beauty f nature and see through the actions and gesture of the people with a different perspective as well. How you can clearly see trough the real motivation and see the innate beauty of human nature.

Your breathing pattern changes it become lighter and you feel free from heavy heartedness. It inspires good thoughts and makes you more aware about you inner potential. Sky seems more bluish and sun more brighter. Flowers and grass seem more lively. Everything seems perfect in harmony , in sync with surroundings.

Everything seems to have some more purpose to it. Simple act of life like laughing, caring , loving, singing ,dancing seem more meaningful than just a social expression. Your actions and word have more  real meaning  and you will feel more honesty ad will power in everything.


Bracmhacharya or celibacy does not mean not indulging in sexual activity but complete natural abstinence from any kind of dissipation of pranic energy into sexual overtures. weather physical or mental. Brahmachrya does not have to be forced or imposed rather than I comes naturally over a period and when you are in sync with it nothing seems more beautiful that this experience.

At this time even if you hug your spouse you would feel a complete friendship bhava rather than base urge of sex. Your actions become pure and mid becomes free from all pressure and uncertainty/ Life seems to have ore meaningfulness and value to it when Brachmacharya come to you naturally.

The inner surge of well being a and harmony with nature and human it become more prominent now. The feeling of ecstasy is describable if you are well  in to be Brahmcharya.

Fro people who are deeply engrossed into Brahmachary there is always pleasure . For outsider it may sees like boring o r dull practice. It is easy to understand as our society anscoiali interactions are mostly defined by sexual orientation. It such a situation conceptualize at happiness in the practice of Brahmacharya is may prove very hard to our establish beliefs. But if you are able to reach that pint of complete abstinence fro sex weather in thought or act you can feel the real beauty of this ancient practices of vedic culture.

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