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Bina Das, the forgotten firebrand revolutionary


She is Bina Das, the firebrand revolutionary, who shot Jackson, the Vice Governor of Bengal in Calcutta University convocation, and was deported to Cellular Jail, Andaman.

Bina Das was the daughter of Benimadhab Das, teacher of Netaji who instilled the spirit of patriotism in the mind of teenager Subhas Chandra Bose.

In independent India she got an appointment as school teacher but her salary was stopped by CPIM led Left Front Govrnment of West Bengal, as her BA (1st Class) English Hons. certificate was not with her as she shot the British Vice Governor on her convocation Ceremony and copy of the same was not treceable in Calcutta University.

She died as a street begger in Hrishikesh in Gandhi family ruled India.

It’s not only the sin of those two governments, but the sin committed by whole generations of India where she died as a beggar.


(From Joydeep Sen’s wall)

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