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Corona 2nd wave-An experience which may help


Sharing a forward. Maybe it helps ..

Sir, this is my personal experience, which might be quite useful to all of us….rgds

Dear Friends
For the benefit of CoVid-19 patients, let me share one extremely effective way to keep Oxygen saturation level high. I’m sharing my experience, which brought huge relief to me.

I tested positive on 9th April and was brought to AIIMS on 12th April. Same evening, my Oxygen level started going down and was in lower 80’s. Here, junior doctors immediately put me on Oxygen support.

Meanwhile Dr. Guleria, Dr. Neeraj and other seniors came in the picture. Dr. Guleria said that my body at that stage doesn’t require Oxygen support. In fact he got tubes removed. He explained to me in most effective way that I have the capacity, I have the strength and I have to work hard for this requisite Oxygen. Plz don’t go for easy option. Work for it. And he made me to lie down on my chest facing downward and asked me to start deep breathing. This from the best ‘pulmonologist’ of the country.


Within few mts, my Oxygen level started improving and in next couple of hours, my Oxygen level got stabilized around 96/ 97%.

Since then they are continuously asking me to lie down on my chest/ stomach and try to sleep in this manner only. In these 5 days, whenever Oxygen level goes down, I immediately lie down on my chest and start deep breathing. Extremely effective. I will use the word ‘life saving’ and that’s why sharing it for larger benefit esp in such a challenging time…

Second point, what Dr. Guleria, Dr. Neeraj and others taught me. Don’t give up easily, don’t opt for easy options/ support. Let’s our body work for it. To tackle this virus in severe cases, at family/ individual level, one needs ‘extremely strong mind.’ So, let’s go for deep breathing exercise while lying on chest with downward face. May kindly like to consider it.

Warm regards & best wishes -Bharat Lal

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