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16 Qualities of Prabhu Sri Rama


As shared by Newton Kondaveti Sir: 16 Qualities of Prabhu Sri Rama

!!Jai Shri Rama!!

Whenever we hear the name of Bhagavan Shri Rama Chandra Murthy, we will be transported to the ancient times of Ramayana.

Lord Rama is an inspiration to the entire mankind. He has set an example for every human being. He is known as
Maryada Purushottama – the perfect man. Truth personified, He is the most ideal man in all respects – spirituality, values, conduct, relationships and probably everything under the sun we can think of.

The name of Shri Rama can bring few inner images in our hearts and he is the finest human being with 16 Kalyana Gunas.


  1. Sousheelyam – Accepted everyone unconditionally and treated everyone equally.
  2. Veeryavaan – Powerful Warrior.
  3. Dharmagnya – He always followed Dharma.
  4. Kritagnya – After defeating Ravana, Lord Rama wholeheartedly thanked the Vanaras for their help.
  5. Sathyavaakyaha – Lord Rama always spoke the truth and nothing but the truth.
  6. Drudavrathaha – Lord Rama gladly accepted to live in exile. When Bharat came to request him to come back to Ayodhya and take charge of the kingdom, He bluntly refused.
  7. Chaarithrenacha koyuktaha – Lord Rama had an impeccable character and without any blemish.
  8. Sarvabhuteshu hitaha – Though a king He performed the last rites of Jatayu. He intended the welfare of every creature and every human being.
  9. Vidwaan – Lord Rama had mastery over all subjects.
  10. Samartaha – Lord Rama was considered as capable of doing absolutely anything in this world.
  11. Priyadarshanaha – Lord Rama is described as Aajaanu Baahum and Aravinda Lochana, meaning tall, well built and handsome. He is not only good looking in the physical appearance but the soul’s beauty radiated through the personality.
  12. Aatmavaankaha – He is an Enlightened Spiritual Master.
  13. Jithakrodaha – He is master of mind and emotions.
  14. Dyuthimaan – He is full of radiance.
  15. Anasuyakaha – He has achieved self mastery. There is no jealousy or greed.
  16. Bibyati devaha – During the war, when Ravana attacked, Lord Rama was patient – far away from being angry. However, the moment Ravana attacked Hanuman, Lord Rama got terribly angry and started to fight Ravana in the war and eventually defeated him.

May we all awaken the 16 Kalyana Gunas the are hidden inside us!
May we all be inspired by Lord Shri Rama!
May we all awaken the potential of inner Rama in us!

Post re-share courtesy: Shri Salil Khanna

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