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What happens to soul after unnatural death-Does Suicide end problems?


Star actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide yesterday at his Bandra residence in Mumbai on 14 June 2020. No suicide note has been recovered yet but it is believed widely that he was under depression for last six months and this is believed to be the reason behind his death.

I was socked too . I called my brother who is also named Sushant just to share my grief with him. These are hard times for the world. Even people who are seemingly at very high places and well established may be extremely under huge pressure and might be hovering around breaking point. So just keep on talking to each other and don’t let anyone feel alone during these Covid times.

Sushant Singh Rajput was well known actor and a star he was known to millions of people that is why so many people took notice of his sad demise. But there are so many people in our friends and relatives who might be going through under similar phases of life and may need the help as well. It is our moral duty to understand and if possible stretch out a bit extra to help them out.

But bigger question for those who commit suicide is whether suicide really ends their problems? A self chosen death of a realized Yogi and a normal person like us has a vast difference. We will try to understand the consequences of suicide and unnatural death with spiritual perspective here.

A human body is from with the laborious efforts of nature in mother’s belly for nine months. The pain that nature takes to create the vehicle of body to carry your life takes 9 long months. Force as powerful as nature has to take all care and detailed precision to ensure smooth entry for our souls in this world. This by no means a small task for even nature.


Soul based on it karma of previous births and the learnings from this current life determines a course of his life. All karmik balances from past life and present have to be cleared before final liberation of soul. A soul has a certain set of fixed fate called ‘Prarabhda’ which has to borne out in current life only. Any changes to that take huge effort of karma and most of the time good deeds and spiritual efforts to minimise their effect.

This ‘Prarabhdha’ is very hard an nearly impossible to avoid for a normal human being, at best it can be mitigated. Why is it so hard to nullify because any effort(hard and smart work,good deeds, spiritual practices) that you do to nullify karmic balance goes towards nullifying your ‘Sanchit karma'(Kind of Fix deposit of pravious lives karma bank). Sanchit karma is the kramik balance of all your past lives which is still unpaid and has been excluded form Prarabhda -the set fate for you current life. This means any hard core Prarabhda can only be nullified completely when all you previous lives Sanchit karma and the current life of karma debt has been paid off completely.

This means that certain kind of effect from events and situations are bound to happen in your life. It has been our own good or wrong doings from our previous lives. When a person commits a suicide is relived from all that Karmik balance? A clear answer is NO. Rather by committing suicide he adds a bid debt of negative karma to his karmik balance. By Committing suicide he has ruined all the careful work done by mother nature to create his life. That’s why suicide has been called a great sin in our scriptures.

What happens to soul when it commits suicide?

When the Pranic force is forcefully evicted from body it causes a lot of pain. This painful experience is imprinted on the subtle texture of Soul. The soul takes form of ‘Subtle Vasana Shareera’ which is embodiment of all passions, unfulfilled desires and painful experiences at death time too. This subtle Vasana Bhav Shareera is also called ‘Pret Shareera’. This is ghost that we call and hear about most often. This contains all the pains and unfulfilled desires longings , hunger and thirst. Immediately after death the Soul is in very weak state here even weaker than when it was in body.When a person dies because of suicide or unnatural causes it constantly bears the pain of death time. It becomes a hell of him.

That is why the last rites and special procedures are performed to give some strength to the soul to move on to higher planes where he is freed from his agony. That is why we pray at funeral ” May God give Sadgati to his soul” (Ishwar inaki atma ko sadgati dein”). Which means my Lord provide the movement to better plains, where his agony will be nullified and he he will find more peace and happiness. To ease out its pain we also say Om Shanti (Om Peace), which also eases out the agony of soul. The effect of this mantra will as per the spiritual strength of the praying person.

After attaining the Pret Shareera or the Ghost form the soul has to live remaining number of years of his life as ghost only bearing the death tie pain over and over again. The remaining number of years will be calculated as per time scale in ghost form only which means if the person has remaining life period of 40 years then as per Preta life time scale it will be multiple of 40 years this could go in hundreds of years depending on soul’s karmik influence.

Also the karmik balance o this current Prarabhda has not been paid off so chances are that similar situation will occur again in next life again. What would the soul do in such situation? Would they commit suicide again? So there is no end to the this vicious cycle. Therefore suicide does not help in anything at all rather it aggravates the situation and increases the suffering of the soul.

So does suicide ends your problems. Answer is clearly a BIG NO. Effectively the suicide is like jumping into fire from frying pan. Your desires, longings, unfulfilled wishes will still be haunting you. Soul will still be feeling the pain of deathtime for several years . So in effect suicide is not a good bargain. Soul suffers much more in this case. It is better to keep on fighting with your problems rather than trying to evade by committing suicide.

See an interesting video on a person who wanted to committed suicide and how Baba Neem Karoli saved him:

Pain of death time remains with soul :

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