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Lunch and Traffic Police


It was afternoon and I was standing in the porch of the of my office building . Suddenly one of my colleagues came and asked, “Has the police gone?”

I was alarmed and asked,” Why , Why did police come to our office premises?

She said, “Not that police, the traffic police.”… I was further confused .

“Did someone break the signal and came to our office running away form police…?” I asked.

She further explained no, not in premises on the cross which is adjacent to our office gate..


I got intrigued ,” Why do you want to know that?”

She replied,” Because I have to take my lunch”

I got amused ,” Did you have a date with policeman or what?”

She giggled and said,” No, Cause I don’t want to be caught taking my scooter to wrong side and I don’t want to be robbed off my last cash of the wallet, right now. You know traffic police they hide and suddenly come out.. “

I laughed out loud on this whole long correlation of Lunch and traffic police.

She revealed further that one time she saw the traffic police taking bribe and they pretend as if no is seeing him. He took the money and held it low to hide and turned around while counting; as if he was doing some sort of rotation to make him sin free.

Never thought that bribe,an evil could be so funnily referred about by someone. India is funny at times… People can see fun even in worst of times and things.

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