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Muslims are leaving Islam and they need help : Neeraj Atri


There is a new surge of awareness against the hatred filled preachings of Kuran. With the advent of people are becoming more about the hatred filled ideology and those who are aware are making it a point to spread the awareness to others. Muslims all over the world have been held captives of an ideology by their clergy and wily politicians. The political correctness has further deepened their imprisonment.

Neeraj Atri a teacher of Physics, has made 20 hours comparative curriculum to teach people the truth and thus educating them about the dangers of following the hate-filled ideology. He has also exposed the fake propaganda and the false excuses posed by the Islamist to deceive you. It is a call to all right-minded Muslims to have a good look at Islam as an ideology by self-study. His organization ‘ Vivekanand Karya Samiti’ conducts workshops and educates the children and grown-ups too. They do a comparative study of religions and thus educate them about the truth.

“Once they understand the truth , they know what is right” Says Neeraj Atri . He says further,” We are fighting by just exposing the truth. We are not fabricating anything we are just telling them what is written in Kuran.”

Neeraj Atri has also authored a book Brainwashed Republic: India’s Controlled Systemic Deracination.

Hear him out on the video below.


His Blog:

We need to understand the dangers of Islam and act now. This is the time to act on rather than just contemplating and discussing. Or at least help those who are taking steps to make a positive change.

Hindus need to do the following :

  1. First Hindus need to learn Hinduism as in Sanatan Dharma Vedic perspective and teach others about it. First, they need to read how Vedas and physics are related. Recently Dr.John Hagelin proved that Quantum physics is explained in Vedas.
  2. Second, read Quran and Bible. Specially their hate filled verses. The core is same for both Abrahamic religions.
  3. Embrace Muslims who leave Islam, make them feel better, give them love, adopt them, support them.

There are talks that several muslims are leaving Islam across the globe. According to some unconfirmed news, Al Jazeera says that 666 Muslims are leaving Islam everyday .

Indian Muslims need to be told the truth and convinced that their ancestors were Hindus and they converted because of force or in greed. They need to be reminded that they can change their ancestors but they cannot changes their ancestors.

Wise and intelligent people are leaving Islam. In a decade 80% muslims will understand the deception played on them and leave Islam. Muslims in western countries are more likely to accept this change. But our Indian counterpart Muslims will have tougher time to understand as they are suffering from severe Stockholm syndrome and fed with leftist distorted history, they would not realize when the end of Islam is near.

We should invite every Muslim for Ghar Vapasi. The biggest challenge for Hindus is from within when left educated Hindus themselves come for defense of Islam first whenever their lies are exposed. They need to understand that any positive change will not occur unless the rotten ideologies and hatred filled books and preachers are publicly exposed and humiliated.

Hindus should learn a bit of Sanskrit as well. At least they will start appreciating what is essential truth in our sacred books. We need to understand, why we were Guru of the world in ancient times, as we started discarding our culture we became slave Please support all the people who are leaving Islam and make work easier for organizations that are working on exposing Islam.

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