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Radhanath Swami- Foreigners who love India and Hinduism


Radhanath Swami was born Richard Slavin in Chicago in the year 1950. Though born in a Jewish family of the United States, Radhanath Swami was drawn to spirituality and esoteric concepts from his very early childhood.

He preferred to sit on the ground while eating and had a strong aversion to non-vegetarian food, which he claims were the seeds of karma from his previous births. He grew fond of hippy culture at an early young, during the era of the sixties and went to a tour of Europe which his hippie friend.  He landed up in Greece finally, where while meditating in a cave on the seashore he heard his inner voice to go to India.

After receiving the guidance from his inner voice, he started hitch-hiking eastwards, and arrived in India in 1970. He traveled to India via famous hippie route ta that time via Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan,  Pakistan to India. He met many great spiritual masters in his journey through India and detailed all these experiences in his book titled ” Journey Home”.

He eventually found his Guru Srila Prabhupada and took ‘Diksha’ from Him in 1973. Subsequently, he became Sanyasi and received his monastic name Radhanath. Later Swamiji adhered to his spiritual journey and was conferred Title of ‘Swami’ in 1982.

After establishing his base in Bombay in 1986, He designed the devotee care program in Radha Gopinath Temple, and was the inspiration behind Iskcon Food Relief Foundation, which operates the Indian Government’s Mid-day meal scheme. The Govardhan Eco Village at the foothills of Sahyadri mountains was also inspired by Swamiji.

Radhanath Swami has achieved global recognition for his humanitarian deeds, and remains one of the most inspirational and respected spiritual leaders in ISKCON today.

Radhanath Swami currently lives in Mumbai.

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His website is::

His books are : The Journey Within: Exploring the Path of Bhakti , The Journey Home

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