May 29, 2023

Welcome to Episode 5 of Spoken Sanskrit Series. In this episode we introduced the following content:

Husband: bhartā ( भर्ता  )
Wife: bhāryā or patnī ( भार्या  पत्नी )
Father: pitā ( पिता )
Mother: mātā ( माता )
Son: putraḥ ( पुत्र: )
Daughter: putrī ( पुत्री) 
Older brother: jyeṣṭhaḥ bhratā ( ज्येष्ठ: भ्राता )
Younger brother: kaniṣṭhaḥ bhratā ( कनिष्ठ: भ्राता )
Older sister: agrajā ( अग्रजा)  
Younger sister: anujā ( अनुजा )
Paternal uncle: pitrvyaḥ (पितृव्य: ) 
Paternal aunt: pitrvyā ( पितृव्या  )
Maternal uncle: mātulaḥ ( मातुल:) 
Maternal aunt: mātulānī ( मातुलानि)
Paternal grandfather: pitāmahaḥ ( पितामह) 
Paternal grandmother: pitāmahī ( पितामही)
Maternal grandfather: mātāmahaḥ ( मातामह) 
Maternal grandmother: mātāmahī (मातामही ) Bhuvan is committed for quality content on Hindutva and Divya Bhumi Bharat. If you like our efforts please continue visiting and supportting us more often.😀

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