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Glimpses of a Sanyasi performing austerities in ice clad mountains – Barfani Baba at Mani Mahesh Kailash


Bab Kailsh Bharati ji popularly known as Barfani baba performed austerities continuously there years from 2011- 2014 at Shiv Kund, near Mani Mahesh Kailsah. Please there are 5 Kailashas mentioned in scriptures. Manimahesh is one of them.

During winter season the entire is covered with snow while only for some time during summer season the area is normal and water can be seen in Shiv kund.

This video gives you a glimpse in the life of Himalayan Sanyasis. They do not care about extreme weather or any difficulties of non availability of food or clothes. Their foremost goals is to do the sadhans and to achieve the atonement with the Supreme being.

Barfani babai ji comes out of the snow chanting names of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva’s name is his only companion in these icy mountains. Lord Shiva is sitting somewhere in these mountains meditating upon his own Swaroopa and his devotee Barfani baba is doing great ‘Tapas’ in these inhospitable conditions to have his darshan.

Its difficult to carry out even most simple of necessities of daily lives. For drinking water, the ice had to be melted and to take bath with icy water is Baba’s daily routine.


The indomitable will of Baba Barfani supersedes all odds and he is immersed in his sadhana to attain teh grace of divine supreme.

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