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Krishna Valley, Hungary


The world over is opening its eyes again to Sanatan Dharma. After thousands of years of hate filled ideologies causing the bloodshed in the name of religions , the mankind now acknowledging the peaceful ways of Sanatan Dharma.

Krishna Valley, Hungary-An Eco Farm Dedicated to Shri Krishna

Krishna Valley is a 300 hectare Eco farm and Holy place in Hungary. It is also one the biggest Eco Farms in Europe. They are a small community if 150-200 odd Krishna Devotees. The vegetable that they grow is good enough for them to be self sufficient. But what whatever they grow what is all completely organic. They do not use pesticides etc. Their fertilizers comes from cows just as old Indian villages used to before the advent of chemical fertilizers.

They have developed the model farm based on Lord Krishna’s way of life.


Governing Body

Sivarama Swami is the ISKCON Governing body commissioner. Who oversees the eco farm corroborates that Farm is way to bring the devotees closer to the Krishna.

Core Philosophy of Krishna Valley

While doing any activity on farm the devotees remember their love for Krishna. Isn’t this what people in India used to do. For them every moment, every cat they did was for their beloved Ishta Lord. It seems that what we have forgotten in the race for development, is our uniqueness and spirituality.

Though the farm cannot be measured on the standards with the modern day advanced farming scales, the motive of Krishna Valley Eco farm was not that. They wanted to live the life of those Krishna devotees who used to spent their lives in devotion of Krishna.

The tourism of the City has gone up substantially because of the Krishna Valley. As Sanatan Dharma says ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’- All world is a big family .

The goal of this farm is to bring you closer to Lord Krishna Consciousness. Eco farm Krishna Valley, Hungary, certainly reminds us of the feel of long forgotten villages of India.

Krishnavalley Website:

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