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The Tashkent Files Movie PUBLIC REVIEW Mithun Chakraborty, Naseeruddin Shah, Shweta, Pankaj T


The Tashkent Files Movie has been released on 12th April. In the view of recent parliamentary elections in India, a lot of history is being discussed on forums and various social platforms. The death of India’s second Prime Minister has also resurfaced in siscusssions. People have raised question like How did Sashtri ji actually die?

  • Was it a heart Attack or something else ?
  • Why was his body blue when he was brought back?
  • Why were there wound marks on his forehead and body?
  • Why his regular cook not present on that day?
  • Shastri ji was fit and used to walk a lot everyday, how would such a person have such sever heart attack?
  • Why was the medical assistance not called immediately? Why his Postmortem not done? Who would have benefited from his death?
  • Why no log book was kept for Shastriji?
  • What good news Shastriji was going to bring from Tashkent?

Alongwith this the movie also discusses the mysterious disappearance of Netaji Subhash chandra Bose.

Some might say that this is elections time and any issue will be brought up.But the bigger question is this issue has been hovering in Indians for long and if not now then when to discuss it?

Please see the movies review by people who watched the movie. Reviews from them seem to be very honest and upfront. Specially for people who have seen those Times. The gentleman in green shirt has added a lot information too…Movie is lesson in history too!


Everyone should watch this movie once at least. This will give good perspective of history. A lengthy Lecture of History will not do what this movie can teach in two hours.

The Tashkent Files | Official Trailer 

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