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Masane ki Holi- Holi in ‘Maha Shmashan’ Cremation Ground


Although Holi is celebrated throughout India with colors. However beloved city ‘Kashi’ of Lord Shiva is unique in every sense as Lord Shiva himself. While people play Holi with colors, teh Aghoris and Lord of Aghori Lord Shiva himself play Holi with the ashes from the funeral pyre of Cremation ground.

Varanasi, the current parliamentary constituency of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is special in many ways. It is oldest living city in the world and many traditions which old and relatively new in it’s long history .

The tradition of playing Holi in Maha Shmashan (Grand Cremation ground) has been going on for centuries. This was started by Raja Mansingh. Holi is played in this Holi, not Abir and Gulle but burnt ashes of burnt worries.

On Rangbhari Ekadashi/ Falgun Shukl Ekadashi Lord Shiv brings Mother Parvati after ‘Gauna’ (First Formal arrival of Bride at Groom’s house after marriage. Marriage was solemnised on MahaShivaratri.On Rangbhari Ekadashi Mahadev Shiv Plays Holi with Mother Parvati and the very next day on Dwadashi he plays Holi in cremation ground with his devotees with ashes.

It is said the the Ganas of Lord Shiva, The Ghosts and ethereal spirits get the chance to play Holi with their Lord Shiva.


This Holi is called ‘Masan Ki Holi’. It is celebrated on the Manikarnika Ghat of Varanasi. Alongwith the devotees of Lord Shiva from general public, Aghoris also play this Holi. People smear ashes from cremation pyre and celebrate the frugality of human existence.

, Popular songs play like “Holi, Digambar Khela Mahsane mein Holi…” ( One who is clad with directions only , is playing Holi in cremation ground…”

While in other parts of the world people will find it difficult to connect with this. The Kashivasis and Aghoris have different philosophy towards life. they see the world as illusion of Almighty and for them nothing is supposed to be sad of. They only see that ONE Omniscient, Omnipresent & Omnipotent is in everything . For them nothing is Bad. Its all just manifestation from same Reality.

View the following Videos from this Years ‘Masan Ki Holi’

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