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Urban Jaichands# Rajdeep Sardesai


Urban Jaichands# Rajdeep Sardesai

Rajdeep sardesai recently celebrated his 30 years in journalism. So we list out a brief analysis of his ‘Non-Impartial or more precisely Prejudiced’ journalist career.

Brief analysis of an article by Rajdeep in Times of India 1993,

Where he couldnt resist the word ‘Bhai’ for Dawood and starts the article comparing a terrorist with Hindus, calling them as militants.

Reference link is given below


In above mentioned article Rajdeep hesitates and is suspicious of links between Dawood with ISI & Pakistan.

But does not hesitate to mention ‘Hindu Militants’ and cautions not to be suspicious of a Muslim conspiracy in bomb blasts.

Rajdeep goes onto say that ‘Hindu Militants’ were bigots and were responsible for communal divide.

And he questions ShivSena for accusing Dawood and the Muslim underworld for the blasts.

Sinister Rajdeep makes a secular move in the article by giving examples that Dawood was secular in his business and was not a Muslim Extremist or a religious fanatic.

He goes on writing that ‘Hindu Machismo’ is responsible for a ‘someone like Yakub Memon’ to be part of a terrorist operation.

Blame game on Hindus continue in the article & Babri demolition, discrimination & destroying homes is mentioned as a reason for Muslim youths to become an extremist.

Surprisingly much worse has happened to kashmiri pandits but he forgets to mention . He never speaks for them. Yes it was the same timeline but he never spoke. His articles seem to be only driven by hidden agenda of Hindu hatred. Is is a journalist or a undercover spokesperson for jihadis and terrorists?

He ends the article & was just one step away frm calling Dawood as a patriot bcoz he had waved a Tricolour flag in a cricket match & compares to Balasaheb Thackeray for doing the same

In entire article Dawood is nowhere mentioned as a terrorist

After 22 years, Rajdeep props up the same question as to why Dawood was involved in the bomb blast and reasons it out by again blaming the Babri Masjid demolition.

He still forgets to admit that his defense for Dawood was unjustified. Defending crminal and a terrorist , what kind of journalism he does?

Reference to the above article is given below

Bigger question is What benefit or Rather How much benefit did he get for writing such baseless article? ?

His next story is On 2001 Parliament attack, Rajdeep in a TV interview says
‘Parliament was attacked and it was a great day’
He admits they closed the gates of the parliament so no other channel would have coverage & they are vultures feeding on such moments.

Apart from his journalism Rajdeep brought disgrace to the country when he was involved in a street brawl with fellow countrymen in a foreign country


For him it was just at opportunity for news..complete apathy towards the magnitude of this serious attack in the history of democracy. Well news could be covered by anybody nothing great by you but you should have some sensitivity before referring on such events.

The aftermath of Pulwama terror attck has made these Jaichands expose their true colours.
From calling Pakistan PM as Mature, moral high ground and saab he has lost all his morality. 

Rajdeep was awarded the Padma Shri by Congress govt in 2008 for his loyalty to a particular political party and dynasty.

Rajdeep has constantly shown his hate against Hindus. While trying to hide behind the masquerade of a journalist, he has been exposed now… It been long . People know his prejudice and hate speech against Hindus.

Rajdeep has been called out for his irrational behavior by many prominent personailities. See his insults:

Note: This article comes from series of Urban Jaichands from Rashtradhara. Link to source is given below. Do visit their site:

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