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Kushahari Devi


Kushahari Devi (Kusumbhi Devi) Temple:

This ancient temple has been built by Shri Kusha, the son of Prabhu Shri Ram. This beautiful statue, made of Astadhatu (8 precious metals) of goddess Kushahari, sits on the top of a beautiful dunes. There is a beautiful pond in front of the main temple in full of fishes. Devotees enjoy feeding them flour seeds.

This famous temple is about 40 km on Lucknow-Kanpur main road. 2-3 km from Nawabganj bird sanctuary. located away. It’s far away. Bird sanctuary is located on Lucknow to Kanpur. Kushahari Devi temple is just couple of minutes from here.


Kususmbhi railway station is just half a kilometer away from the temple. The first small railway station is also ‘Kusumbhi’ where many trains stop. This is very famous temple in this area. People of Lucknow-Kanpur route should visit here.

The origin of this temple is mentioned in ancient scriptures. When Lord Shri Rama asked his brother Lakshman to send Mother Sita to forest on the banks of Ganges. Then Lakshmana went to forest with Mother Sita . When their chariot was on its way to forest, Mother Sita felt acute thirst. She asked for water.

Shri Lakshmana ji went in search for water. He found a well. As soon as he proceeded to take water from well, he heard a voice,” First take me out of this well and take water.”

Shri Lakshman ji heard the voice and when he tried he took out a Vigrah (idol ) of Devi Kusumbhari Devi. He placed the Idol under a nearby Banyan tree. He told Mother Sita about this incident.

After this when Lakshman reached Bithur on the banks of Ganga. He told Mother Sita about Lord Rama’s order. Mother Sita was devastated to her this. She asked Lakshman to tell Prabhu Rama that she was pregnant. Lakshman ji’s remorse aggravated even more . He further told Mother SIta that Ashrama of Rishi Valmiki is nearby only, where she would find the shelter. Mother Sita went to Rishi Valmiki’s Ashram where she gave birth to twins Lav & Kusha.

Later on when Shri Rama organised Ashwamedh yajna. Rishi Valmiki took Mother Sita, Lav Kush to see the Yajna. When Mother Sita reached the same place she found idol of Kushahari Devi. Then she asked Kush to do ‘Sthapana’ of Murti of Devi. Since then Devi was called Kushahari Devi. This ‘Murti’ as been worshipped since then.

Just nearby, there is also is a very ancient temple of Mother Durga in ‘Ashtabhuja'(Eight hands) form . It is said that Lord Parshurama had established this ‘Vigrah’ of Goddess with the aim of conquering the Sahastrabhau. Devotees starts coming here from early morning .

Huge crowd of devotes gather at these two temples in Navaratri. There is an atmosphere of joy and festivities all around here during Navratri.

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