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Brave Kuyili sacrificed her life to win war against Britishers for Queen Velu Nachiyar (1780)


Kuyili- The First Female Freedom Fighter Against Britishers

Nearly about a 77 years ago the first war of Independence in 1857 against the British, in the deep south the roaring lioness Velu Nachiyar of Shiv Ganga, stood against the British to avenge her husband’s death and to rescue her nation in 1780.

Marudhu Pandiyars & Hyder Ali stood by Queen Velu Nachiyar. They had brave warriors but their drawback was old weaponry. They did not have guns and cannons. Britishers had superior modern weaponry. Brave army of Velu Nachiyar didn’t not have any answer to the British guns. The gun that could kill hundreds of men before they could reach the fort. Their brave heart could stand against death but Nachiyar was well aware of the practicality of facing the gun with empty hands.

One of commanders of Queen Velu Nachiyars’ army was Kuyili. She came up with daredevil plan. She promised that the British will not have guns in the war against Shivganga even if it costs her life.

British stored the ammunition in the temple and allowed only women to enter for worship. On the Vijayadhasami day, Kuyili, entered the temple along with her few chosen women warriors. Each of them carried a lamp full of oil pretending to light lamp as an offering to the God.


Once inside the temple, all women poured the oil on Kuyili. Kuyili lit herself as the offering for nation and walked into a British storehouse of ammunition, exploding it. Kuyili is the first human bomb in India against the British. Her brave act paved the way for Nachiyar’s victory. Velu Nachiyar was the first woman to fight the British and defeat them.

Sadly most of us do not know this history as we the history which was but only what British historians has recorded.

It is time we read our true history and praise this brave woman who gave her life for us.

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