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Ramayana in  Russia


Ramayana in  Russia

Hey guys!  I was looking for promo of Ramayana in Russia .There is small group called Lotus, which is working on a play on Ramayana . From the promo available on youtube ,what we see it looks like a decent job. At least you can see the message and essence of Ramayana to the best of their knowledge. It is  refreshing to have a perspective of an outsiders who have never been related n any way to the ancient culture of India. They have they have done a tremendous job and we should appreciate it.

Some people might point out many shortcomings in the Play, but I was thoroughly impressed by it. Mostly because it is very difficult to understand Ramayana if you do not have Indian roots. All over the world kings and princes fight over the throne.  The evil people kill their relatives and others  to get the Throne and there’s Shri Rama whose  behavior is exactly opposite . He leaves the throne for his brother on his father’s order. It must have been baffling for Russians to understand this behavior as it is way opposite the normal.  I believe getting into Lord Shri Rama’s character would have taken some time  for the actor too. But he has done a great job.

The most impressive feature of the entire play play is the emphasis and recognition of the love story between Lord Shri Rama and Mata Sita. In India , Shri Rama and Mata Sita are so much revered  that we often forget the part of their love story and we just put them on pedestal and that we never mentioned love story part. How often we talk about  love between Rama and Sita.  Sometime back I read in some post that Ram Setu is the biggest monument of love as Lord Shri Rama built it to reach Mata SIta. First it seemed a little awkward to hear about Ram Set from that angle. But Isn’t it true? It is an unvariable truth.


This is what happens when you’re too close to the bigger picture  that your forget the essence of it. Ramayana is actually a love story between Lord Shri Ram and Mata Sita. . Ramayana is a powerful story and it will definitely aids greatly towards building a character on the new generation, not only Russia but also across the globe if the message is conveyed properly.

Please see the video below:


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