June 9, 2023

Rahu kaal is considered inauspicious period of the day and people avoid undertaking important tasks or starting new venture during this time. Rahu kaal is usually  fo 90 minutes duration every day however the length of this duration will vary as per the time between sunrise and Sunset of that day.

As per Hindu shastras Each day from Sunrise to Sunset  is divided in 8 Muhurtas and Rahu kaal falls on different Muhurtas on each weekday. We have prepared a list of weekdays and their corresponding Rahukalam Muhurtas. Rahu is considered without the body and has only head. So it is considered that ideas started within this period may seem great but might not be implemented or might not produce the results as desired as the Rahul lack the body and is incapable to render the work to its full effect.

Rahu Kalam falls on following muhurt every day:

  1. Sunday- 8th Muhurt
  2. Monday- 2nd Muhurt
  3. Tuesday-7th Muhurt
  4. Wednesday-5th Muhurt
  5. Thursday-6th Muhurt
  6. Friday-4th Muhurt
  7. Saturday- 3rd Muhurt

Rahukaal & Gulikakal are considered inauspicious. Even though Rahu & Ketu are not physical platenry bodies they are astrologically potent and significant point on the intersection of ecliptic( the apparent path of motion of Sun in sky) by the Moon’s orbit. Rahu is the northernmost point and Ketu is the southernmost point.

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