June 8, 2023

राम नाम दोहराने से बदल जाता है अर्थ-Ram naam changes its meaning upon usage


दोहराने से बदल जाता है अर्थ !

राम ! ( पुकार ) – Ram( A Call)

Calling Once- As if just calling Lord name in the moment of introversion or soul searching

राम राम ! ( अभिवादन ) – Ram Ram- (Greeting)

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Calling Ram 2 times- Its a popular from of greeting in northern parts of India. Essentially it means that Ram is in you and Ram is in me so Ram naam 2 times.

राम , राम , राम ! ( तरस / घृणा ) – Ram Ram Ram (Disgust/Disapproval)

Calling Ram 3 times- An expression of disgust or disapproval of something

राम , राम , राम , राम( जप )

Calling Ram more than 3 times is often construed to be a japa. Although chanting Ram any number of time is a jaap only but the number of times (1-3) may have different meaning in social surroundings as well.

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