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Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Cure for Stone


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Kidney Stone is fast becoming a common problem for a lot of people now a days. Faulty lifestyle, eating junk food, not drinking enough water and not taking proper care of your health is one the primary reasons for Kidney problems.

Kidney stones once developed can be removed with the health of medicines or the surgical procedure. However even with all the modern medical facilities available , the stone formation may recur , if proper care is not taken or lifestyle changes are not made.

I happened to stumble upon a very interesting article recently on this topic. The article was written by Shri Rajiv Dikshit. He is well know for his lectures on using Ayurvedic methods to treat lifestyle based diseases. he claims  that the kidney stone or any type of stone in any part of human body can be treated with the help of Homeopathic medicines.

Since I have used Homeopathy for treating my couple other problems in past where the allopathic medicines recommended by well established doctors could not help. Homeopathy had cured my problems completely albeit it took me months and once an year to treat my disease. So there was no doubt about the effectiveness of Homeopathy. I read the article in full and found out that Shri Rajivji says that we have a very common plant found in our villages called Pattharchatta is used in treating the stone, since I had heard the name in my own village it took my interest.


I often wondered why it is called Pathtar chatta( Means one which can make a crack in stone) being kid it was difficult for me to guess why such a small plant can break a rock . Since Google was not available in those times 🙁 , I could not explore further on this. But the name stuck to my mind.

Sri Rajivji says that by using the Homeopathic medicine called BERBERIS VULGARIS ( MOTHER TINCHER) any kind of stone can be treated. BERBERIS VULGARIS is the botanical name of the plant Pattharchatta.  It might take one month or two but it will surely remove the stones.

If the 3 Pattharchatta leaves are eaten regulatory for a period of 20-25 days this can dissolve the stone more quickly.

Now any stone removed may be formed again as we mentioned above. To obviate such a possibility,  he further says that we can use a medicine called China 1000 tire on a single day and the stone will never be formed again.

I have given the link to the article . you can refer to to it in full detail  here.

Apart from the above-mentioned Ayurvedic treatment referred by Shri Rajiv Dikshitji, Homeopathy suggest some other very goo medicines of treatment of kidney Stone. These are mentioned below ::

Homeopathy a Safe and Effective Cure for Kidney Stone :

Homeopathy is without doubt the best treatment mode to follow to get rid of kidney stones. Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone are dual action remedies which are natural and safe. First, they help remove the stones present in the urinary tract either by crushing them into fine sand-like particles or in a few cases, in the intact state. Secondly, they hold the promise of completing removing the tendency towards stone formation in the future. While selecting the appropriate Homeopathic medicine for kidney stone, the side affected is considered along with the pain and associated symptoms. The colour of sand particles in urine helps to further refine the search.  Although kidney stones can be safely handled with properly selected Homeopathic medicines, care should be taken when the size of the stone is very large and it gets impacted in the ureter leading to hydronephrosis that calls for surgical intervention to prevent kidney damage.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Kidney Stone-

Berberis Vulgaris – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for left-sided kidney stone:

Berberis Vulgaris is hugely popular among Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone which is left sided. The symptoms guiding prescription of Homeopathic medicine Berberis Vulgaris are pain in the left kidney radiating to ureter, bladder and urethra. The pain radiates further down to the thighs. Burning sensation may accompany the pain. Another sign to look out for is green or red urine with thick mucus. The kidney pain worsens with motion and jerking. Berberis Vulgaris is also one of the most efficient Homeopathic medicines to treat gall stones.

Lycopodium – One of the most reliable Homeopathic medicines for right-sided kidney stone:

Lycopodium is one of the most reliable Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone of the right side. It has shown proven ability to successfully dissolve right-sided kidney stones. The key symptom guiding use of Lycopodium is severe backache before urinating which subsides after voiding urine. Patients who need prescribing Lycopodium complain of urgency to urinate, frequent calls to pass urine at night or retained urine. Urine may be loaded with red, yellow sediments. Acute right-sided renal colic definitely needs Lycopodium prescription as the most suitable among Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone. For gastric troubles with much wind in the abdomen too, Lycopodium leads the table. Excessive wind in abdomen may coexist with right-sided kidney stone.

Hydrangea “the stone breaker” – One of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone:

Hydrangea is one of the most well recognized Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone, popularly known as “the stone breaker”. Practitioners swear by its magnificent results and say the title is justified as it offers the added benefit of eradicating the tendency to have recurrent kidney stones. Hydrangea has proved itself over and over again and is one of the most frequently used Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone, especially in cases where white sediments are observed in abundance in the urine. Frequent calls for urine and blood in urine may also appear. Sharp pain in the back accompanies these symptoms.

     From India                               

From United States


Herb Pharm Hydrangea Extract


Dr Reckeweg Hydrangea Q (Mother Tincture)


Cantharis – One of the wonderful Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone with marked burning during urination:

Homeopathic medicine Cantharis shows the most desirable results in kidney stone cases where marked burning during urination is a prominent symptom. Patients with kidney stone who deal with severe burning in urethra are ideal candidates for prescribing Cantharis. The burning in urination is present before, during, even after urination. Cantharis is one of the wonder Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone of either side, but works especially well in cases where burning is the hallmark symptom. There is also a constant urge to pass urine. But, little urine is passed. In a few cases, the urine passes drop by drop. Blood also appears in urine with much scalding. Violent sharp tearing pain in kidney is seen in such cases.

Pareira Brava – One of the top grade Homoeopathic medicines for kidney stone where urinating requires strain, is accompanied by violent pain:

The most violent kidney stone pain with strangury (painful urine in drops) needs prescription of Homeopathic medicine Pareira Brava. Here the affected person has to put in exhaustive, ceaseless efforts to urinate and the process involves with severe pain. Urine is passed with much strain, that too in drops. The strain applied is so severe that the patient can cry out in pain. The kidney pain radiating down the thighs or even down to the foot is the leading symptom that guides use of Pareira Brava as the most effective among Homoeopathic medicines for kidney stone.

Urtica Urens – Very capable among Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone with high uric acid levels (gout):

Use of Homeopathic medicine Urtica Urens must be considered in all cases of kidney stones where uric acid levels are high. Urtica Urens is the ideal choice among Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone in such cases and effectively dissolves the kidney stone.

Ocimum Can – Top rated among Homoeopathic medicines for kidney stone pain accompanied by vomiting:

Ocimum Can is one of the immensely helpful Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone in cases where vomiting is typically observed along with the pain. Ocimum Can works well in both the left and right sided kidney stone pain, but it can only be prescribed if vomiting accompanies the pain. The urine passed may be saffron, red, purulent and highly offensive.

Homoeopathic medicines for right-sided kidney stones:

Lycopodium, Sarsaparilla and Nux Vomica – The three are considered the best Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone of the right side. Lycopodium is used in case of severe lower back pain prior to urination which gets better after voiding urine. Sarsaparilla shows remarkable results in right-sided kidney stones with severe burning pain while passing the last drops of urine. Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica works best in case of frequent, unsatisfactory urging for stool along with kidney stone pain.

Homoeopathic medicines for left-sided kidney stone:

Berberis vulgaris, Tabacum and Pareira Brava – Berberis vulgaris, Tabacum and Pareira Brava are well indicated Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone of the left side. Berberis vulgaris is indicated where pain in the left kidney extends down the ureter and the bladder. Blood may appear in urine. Tabacum shows best results when left-sided kidney stone pain is attended with nausea and vomiting. Pareira Brava is the ideal choice among Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone of the left side in case of ceaseless efforts to urinate with violent pains and much straining.

Disclaimer: Author claims no right for the treatment mentioned here and the all credit goes to Shri Rajiv Dikshit ji who has done wonderful job of spreading awareness about the simple cure for this serious and painful disease . We are just trying to do our bit by spreading the right information after cross cross checking with other own sources.

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