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Reversing the clogged arteries: A new perspective in Medical community


You might have heard a lot about the risk of cardiovascular diseases due to the lifestyle changes in recent decade. People suffering from this dreaded condition are actively looking for ways to reverse clogged arteries. There has been to full proof method yet.There has been a lot of research on this subject and new studies are changing the perception of medical fraternity and patients alike. We have been taught a lot about the role of cholesterol in heart diseases and atherosclerosis .

There seems to be new hope now  and we should be open to the views from Doctors and never hesitate in taking second opinion of the subject from qualified doctors.

We have searched on this subject on internet and found references which could be really helpful for you have better understanding on this subject. Recent studies have suggested that its not only cholesterol which is culprit for the plaque formation in arteries, the major culprit is actually is calcification of nano particle or  nano bacteria which causes the plaques and even catches cholesterol in the plaques as cholesterol are themselves ate gluey substances which do not stick into arteries on their own.

Watch this video to have better understanding on this subject from Dr Lonnie Herman. He is an expert on this subject and has been and avid advocate of reversing calcification of arteries with his unique method of treatment. He emphasizes the measuring the calcification score along with other medical test for diagnosing the level  of atherosclerosis.


So the research suggest that the main culprit of the plaque of arteries is calcification and not only cholesterol. And the this wrong placement for calcification can be prevented by consuming the Vitamin K2.
Researchers have discovered that calcification is an active process that involves a protein called matrix Gla protein (MGP).

MGP prevents calcium from building up and calcifying your arteries. But to do this, it must have adequate supplies of vitamin K.

If you have too little vitamin K, MGP can’t perform its artery-protecting functions and stop calcification from developing in your arteries.

And in recent years researchers have made another stunning discovery about vitamin K…

Healthy arterial tissues may contain up to 100 times more vitamin K than calcified arteries. And when you restore supplies of vitamin K, you can potentially help reverse the buildup of calcium caused by a vitamin K deficiency!*

The best sources for K2 would be natural . The best source is a fermented Japanese food NATTO. Here is the nutrient chart for different sources of Vitamin K2.

Although the Vitamin K2 is also derived from the green vegetables you eat by the good bacteria found in ur gut. If it is not possible to find the Nattos or other sources of VtaminK2 easily You can eat your green veggies, preferably raw and derive the required amount of Vitamin K2.

Required source of Vitamin K2

What this video to find out some more alternatives to remove reg calcium deposits from arteries.

How to Remove Calcium Deposits From Arteries

Here is another video to help you find the more natural sources of Vitamin K2.

How To Get Vitamin K2


Vitamin K2 along with Vitamin D can help you in cases of Osteoporosis . Here is a very useful presentation by Dr. Eric Berg.


See this video to prepare NATTO at your home.

How to make Natto:

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For India:

In case if you are suffering for the clogged arteries or osteoporosis  please consult your doctors first and  discuss with with information provided in aforementioned videos.

Disclaimer: This article is not a medical advice on any treatment. This is only a pre-consultation advice to help you have your opinion built up to consult more relevant medical practitioners and doctors on this issue. You should not perform any test or try any therapy based on the article only.Please consult your physician and concerned doctor before pursuing any therapy and tests.


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