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What’s more important health or worldly pursuits


Life should not be taken with stress. It has to be without stress for sure. Just stay put with your good routine with faith and continue as planned. First just prepare a good plan depending on your requirement. What is that a healthy body of yours needs. Body comes first as a fit and good healthy body contains a good mind and healthy thoughts. Also meditation and samadhi are also attained with fit body only.

Kundalini awakening needs a lot of practices which require healthy body for related meridian exercises and yogic postures and mudras. A focused mind will help you achieve more with concentrated effort. But nothing beats a healthy body. Mind and intellect with progressive and upward moving character rule but the healthy body only can help you achieve this goal. Actually Kundalini awakening and chakra opening is a very scientific process. You do related exercises and yogasanas, you open up related meridians and nerve plexus and ultimately open up your chakras. Even chakras are called a plexus of nadis or nerve centers in Kundalini. When you eat right, do your exercises right and keep your thoughts right and focused you keep on activating chakras one by one and ultimately achieve samadhi by awakening your Kundalini. With Guru it becomes easier. But a best Guru is your inner consciousness where supreme consciousness is present itself. Guru gives the right direction and saves you from many pitfalls in the process, but best will happen only when you practice it by yourself. A grace without merit will be dormant unless you act on it.

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