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Jogging in winters


Bu Jogging in winters in early mornings could be another experience altogether. Our body is feels the chilly winters most in mornings and if are an avid jogger you will find more reasons to go for Jogging than not. Exercises and Jogging comes easier to body than any other season. When you start running your body warms up and allows you to build up more stamina. While Jogging we can feel the cool wind on our face and a even a colder nosetip. Morning for is so gorgeous that it feels like lady nature is hugging us. Specially if you are Jogging in greenery or amidst flower plants this feeling becomes much stronger.
The smell of morning fog with Jasmine or parijat flowers make Jogging very pleasant. Parijat flowers bloom in later night and fresh in early mornings.
You could jog faster or just jog slowly. If you are Jogging slowly you can easily enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and feel the lap of mother nature in its full glory.
Jogging for couple of kilometers in morning will set your day up. It will keep you active throughout the day and you feel the fitness from inside. I found myself hopping on stairs at night 2am. Trust me no medicine or any other substance can recreate the feeling of Jogging regularly. It produces a hormone which keeps you happy whole day and you never feel the lack of energy.

It is also true that most of the people start their exercise and Jogging routines in winters only. It’s the atmosphere of winters who have prompts you up to take more healthy routine. Use this opportunity and start jogging today.

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