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Why is Lotus so important in Indian culture?


Lotus is the national flower of India.It has been associated with Indian culture for ages. Lotus is symbol of purity, culture and virtues and benevolence, wealth and happiness and spiritual growth.

Lotus grows in ponds, lakes and mostly stationary shallow water bodies. It grows from mud and yet is so beautiful, radiant and doesn’t smell of mud nor it is submerged in water. In water but not wet. This is how the Indian culture & mythology thinks of character, whatever the background you should rise above your surroundings and achieve high level of virtues.


Lotus is highly regarded in Sanatan dharm ( Ancient Hindu culture). First lotus was born from the navel of Shri Mahavishnu. Creator Lord Brahma was born from the same lotus. Lord Vishnu himself hold conch, mace, Chakra and Lotus in his four hands. His consort Laxmiji sits on lotus flower.

Lord Vishnu’s eyes are considered as Lotus . Lotus feet if Gurus or God is a very popular expression in devotional and religious literature. Lotus beeds are used as rosary for worshiping Lakshmiji the Goddess of wealth.



Lotus is deeply associated with yoga and Kundalini jagaran process. Each of the Chrakra Muladhra (Lotus with 4 petals), Swadhisthan (Lotus with 6 petals) , Manipur (Lotus with 10 petals), Anahat (Lotus with 12 petals), Vishuddhi (Lotus with 16 petals), Agya (Lotus with 2 petals) and Shahasrar (Lotus with thousand petals) is associated with a different color of lotus with different number of petals. Although these lotuses are considered to exist as nodal points of energy flow in astral body and can not be seen by naked eye. But the meditation on the shape colors and process of gradual opening of these lotuses is supposed to open of the Chakras and helps you get spiritual progress.


Lotus flower is offered in temples to Gods and Goddesses. People create the lotus images in every Rangoli and every important religious events and festivals.

Lotus is vastly used in art , paintings , sculptures and various artworks for millennia. You can find Lotus in almost in all major heritage site and temple of ancient India.

Lotus is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity not only on materialistic aspect but also a richness in beauty, luster, purity of thoughts, actions and growth of intellect, wisdom and spiritual merit, a symbol of youthfulness , joy and happiness. Lotus is one of the best symbol of everything good and thus has captured the imagination of Indians for so long.

It may be easily concluded that the importance of lotus in India is nothing less than the soul of Indian culture itself.


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