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Marriage in ancestral houses


Are the marriages done in ancestral house are more stable as compared to weddings done on relatively lesser known new places? I am no expert in predicting relations or a social analyst. However I have observed a lot of weddings and marriages over the period of time. To my attention some of them were not so successful or didn’t last long enough and the common ground, I noticed was that quite a few of them were done in locations which were lesser connected to their roots or ancestral legacy. This led me to think that there was something amiss from these weddings. Was it that reference point to the relationship like marriage was didn’t have that kind of connect with the couple which would have sealed their bonds to the ground of practicality and understanding. Maybe the connect with the marriage at ancestral house brings the blessings of elders and ancestors or a sense of belonging to a tradition which acts as a strong adhesive to form a long lasting relationship. Relationship like marriage goes through a lot of ups and downs in life and there are times when people try to look for answers for there problems other than between them. It could be their friends, relatives or even marriage consultants. At this time the connect with the ancestral legacy may bring a soothing effect on troubled relationship. The way the elders have behaved in such situations earlier or the calming effect of other family members may help a lot the married couples to cope up in their troubled relationship. Some also may count the blessings their ancestral legacy have on them and thank their stars after coming out of such troubled phase. Somewhere or somehow the roots to the legacy of ancestors seems to have a lot of positive effect in a long lasting marriage.

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