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Mumbai looks deserted in Diwali


Mumbai City seems to be deserted now as Diwali Holiday are here and most of the people have gone to their native places. Its so typical of Mumbai that on every major festival ( Unlike Ganesh Chaturthi, which is native to Maharashtra) , people leave for their native places and Mumbai city seems to congestion free and comparatively more silent to normal bustling days, city is used to. It feels eerie at times. This reflects how much the city  is preferred by people from other places, who come to the city and make this their working homes.

But anyone who has left Mumbai city always wants to come back. Why? City is so crowded and congested and wages are also not that high ( at least on lower levels) as compared to Delhi & Bangalore. Plus there are so may restrictions and nuances from authorities and nosy societies and local organization. But still people prefer Mumbai over other cities.

The answer lies in the basic human behavior of the city. Being very crowded by outsiders , the city people are  very supportive and understanding. They understand  the basic values of living and coexistence. Honesty is also another key factors which separates Mumbai from other cities. No, its not a Harishchandra city. But if  your auto fair says 98 Rs and you have given Rs 100 to autowala, he will give you 2Rs back. Unlike other places where mostly they try to ignore this small sum of change. I was amazed when at autowala returned me 50paise, while in Delhi 50 paisa exchange was stopped at that time.


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