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First look at Ahemdabad city


About the daily life in Ahmedabad , Gujarat…
Recently I came to know about some interesting facts about Ahmedabad (Also spelled as Ahmadabad)   during my visit to the city. The traffic around the station area in Ahmedabad starts peaking around flourish in evening and remains at peak till 10pm. The area around station is chockablock during this period . Worst traffic is around Kalupur market which is nearby. Kalupur market is wholesale market of Ahmadabad. You can find anything in this market ranging from daily grocery items like dry fruit to cheap Chinese items of household use. You find items cheaper here than any other markets in Ahmedabad . This is commercial hub of the city.

While Kalupur is cheap market, There are certain pockets of the city which known for steep real estate prices like Naranpura, Khejura,…, Ellis Bridge etc. Ahemdabad is supposed to be one the most safe cities for women. Its said that women can walk freely even at 2 pm at night. Shops are open till late night and food joints are open till 11am at night. City is equally populated on both the sides of Sabarmati river. River seems beautiful and clean due to Efforts of Narendra Modi ruled BJP government in recent decade. City seems good overall to visit and shopping.

Once known as the Manchester of the East for its flourishing textile industry, Ahmedabad is a rapidly growing metropolitan city. Its located to the West of India, in the state of Gujarat. Lying on the banks of the historic river Sabarmati, its the seventh largest metropolitan area and the fifth largest city in India.

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