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Some good videos for body transformation


Guys , Body aesthetics and fitness is always not a very cumbersome task as most people believe normally.  Here are two videos talking about how you can looks better. One Talks about how you take your pic better in 10 mins and another talks about very straightforward method to bring out six pack abs with very simple set of three exercises only.

Here is the first video ,where famous aesthetic body builder Connor Murphy demonstrates how you can photograph yourself better by using some body techniques and angles.Here is what he has to say about  this video:

“I made this transformation in just 10 minutes! With just a few tricks I made my physique look as bad and then as good as I could. I challenge everyone to make a 10 minute transformation video. See if you can make a more dramatic change then I did. It’s time to start being honest about our physiques instead of Photoshopping pics!”




This next video is from Youtube channel FITNESS ADDICT.  You will find very effective advice from the instructor where you can get six pack ads by just doing 3 workouts everyday.  Remember this hold true if you eat right food as well. Because body sculpting is 70% diet and 30% workout. Here is what Trainer has to say about the video:

“These abs workout will change the whole world its simple but it works and soon everyone will have a six pack . when they do this workout everyday. share it with your family member and friends.”


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