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World famous Ramleela of Ram Nagar, Varanasi


World famous Ramleela of Ram Nagar, Varanasi

Ramnagar is a small town situated directly opposite of Varanasi on the other side of Ganges. The old Naresh of Varanasi, lives here in the Ramnagar fort. Ramlila of Ramnagar was started by the Kashi Naresh Maharaja Udit Narayan Singh in the year 1830. Since then it has become a landmark festival in an around Varanasi. Village folklore has a lot of tales about the Ramlila. This Ramlila starts a month before Dashara and staged in various parts of the city. The various parts of the city are named after the locations  in Ramayana like Ashk Vatika, Panchvati, Janakpuri & Lanka is situated on the other side of Ganges in Varanasi near B.H.U.( Benaras Hindu University).

Dussehra festival is started by the parade of the Kashi Naresh where he rides on a colorful elephant. Hundreds of the priests are there to narrate the Ramcharitmanas text.

The characters who play Ram , Ravana, Hanuman etc are often being played by generations of the same family. This adds to the charm of the Ramlila. Whole city is a stage for Ramlila and during the entire period of one month a festive atmosphere can be felt .

People revere and respect the stage artists performing the characters of Ram, Sita, Lakshman & Hanuman as if they are real. Devotion is the flair of the air throughout the period of one month of Ramlila.


The fervour is unique, devotion  and joy is unique to this beautiful event only.

Raja of Varanasi at Ramlila in Ramnagar
Raja of Varanasi at Ramlila in Ramnagar

Ramleela Mela by James Princep 1834

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