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How to prepare if you have to spend a holiday in a village at your friend’s house


How to prepare if you have to spend a holiday in a village at your friend’s house.

Living in India means a great variety of friends from different places. Some of them might be having roots in villages and you might be invited to their homes at important occasions or festivals. There may be situations where you may not be able to say no to their warm invitations. So hat to do? Brace up here are few important tips which will help you to survive those few days in an Indian village.

Get your clothes right. Yes if you are going to a village some of your very kinky clothes or ultramodern attire might not gel well with villagers you want to establish pleasant relations with. While younger ones maybe more intrigued and attracted towards new fashion , Elders may find it hard to digest and might think of you as less serious. So if you want to gel well with both genres you need to maintain right balance between ultra modern and traditional clothing.

Get your medicines right- With the great food and even greater hospitality it is likely that your stomach may not be able to keep up the pace. You might suffer from indigestion or loose motions. 🙂 So keep your OTC medicines handy in case you may not might all night open shops in Village or nearby areas.

Be prepared to attend nature’s call in open.Yes , That could be a possibility. Although many of the houses in Villages are having their own toilets and sanitation system, but you may be devoid of this facility in some houses. So you might have to carry a Lota filed with water and go an open field. :).Make sure that you check that you are far enough from village and sit in some secluded place.


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