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Where to invest Town or metro?


Where to invest Town or metro?

If you have got roots in villages and now settled in a city, you are know the best & worst of both worlds. It becomes difficult for you to set your priorities. Sometimes it backfires like delay in deciding where to invest first while buying a property. Your investment decisions should be based on facts rather than emotions. Try and understand that money invested at one place where market is more upbeat will bring you better results. Most of the time city wins and people invest first in City and village later on, which proves more fruitful than vice versa.

However be aware about the opportunities that village offers as well. Look at the local economy and make decisions based on market growth rate and time taken in return of investment of the capital. Now a days market is behaving in a very unpredictable manner and it is better to have a look at the pockets of the geographies that you are investing.

Just to quote an example I bought two properties one in Mumbai and another in Varanasi outskirts nearby highway.
Mumbai one was a gala in food court of a posh Mall in Vasai and another was a land on outskirts of Varanasi. Its been now 10 years now.Over the years the property boom in Mumbai market settled down while the property market of Varanasi outskirts boomed up and still going strong. My Mall shop grew only by mere 20% in those years while my plot grew at 500%. I invested roughly same amount in both the properties. I had a feeling that my shop may not grow at the same rate as plot, but the difference over the years has been staggering.

Just adding on 2018 as well. Now the focus of Government in smaller cities has been more astute and smarter than earlier.New smart cities have been announced and development is much faster than earlier. The rates of properties in smaller cities are still getting better.

Yes it is abut the pockets of localities which hold the key.Usually the south Mumbai properties swill beat any day any other town premium properties. But not everyone can afford to invest in south Mumbai.And  far northern suburbs of Mumbai are not that good as compared to outskirts of smaller cities when it comes to Return on Investment on same amount of capital.

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