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How to close 2w customer lead on tele-calling


If you are a telecaller in from any bike classified website, you need to keep in mind these points while following up and closing the leads. First process of closing any lead is to ask the person’s interest level. For example what make, Variant, year buyer wants. Most important point is to ask the customer about his budget. Many a times customers have very lofty opinion about their budgets even though they might be having very weak budgets they will seek bikes which are far more costlier than their expectation. It is important to educate them about the ground reality of market and suggest the right combination of year of manufacturing first or a another make of bike with similar or compatible features.This is most important part an sets the right expectation of the customer.

If the customer is ok with a reasonable budget then find out the probable bike he might like ,matching his specifications. Please note budget is most important concern for any customers.At the same time he has already made up his mind about the make of bike. So you may try offering him different year bikes of the same bike rather than changing the make of the vehicle.

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