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Weekly-offs in different bike markets in India


Typically every market in India has one day off in a week. This may not be Sunday always. Every city follows a different guideline for holidays. This may vary as per the local consumer behavior pattern.

India’s capital Delhi Bike market typically remains closed on Mondays. You can still find certain outlets open depending on their individual choice. Markets like Shahadara is all closed, Other markets like Subhash Nagar, Karol Bagh , Motinagar also remain partially open on Monday.

Ghaziabad, NOIDA Market remains closed on Tuesdays.

Indore bike market is primarily situated around Sapana-Sangeeta,Navlakha complex.Indore bike Market remain closed on Thursday.

Pune’ main bike market is on Rastapeth. Rastapeth market closes early on Sunday around 2pm IST. If you know this


Chennai’s main bike market is on Bell Road. Almost 60% of the shops are closed on Sunday here.

Mumbai bike markets are scattered in Ghatkopar, JJ Flyover and other dealers across city. Though some dealers close early , few others remain open a little longer.

Bangalore’s main bike market is in Jayanagar(VV Puram) and remains closed in Sunday.

Hyderabad’s main bike market is in Kingkoti area and markets is also closed on Sundays.

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