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How to buy used bike online in India



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The online used bike market in India is still evolving and there are numerous players who are trying to grab their market share. You can buy used bikes in currently from following sites in India.










Apart from this there several websites like, etc. where you can find used bike offers. However the serious players are the above mentioned seven players where you will either find a specialized offering for used bike or huge number of listings will give you freedom to choose your dream bike. These players have established themselves uniquely or good standing in the online used bike market.

However Quikr & Olx are general classified listings portal, where you just find the information about the used bike offering. You do not have not any other advantage like certification or any other additional offers. Although you will find a great range of offerings from both individuals and dealers. Yes , there are more number of listings from dealers on these site than you would imagine normally. Bulk listers subscribe with them and create multiple listings. Some times same listings is repeated multiple times. The prices most of the bikes are not genuine and actual offered price may vary substantially different from what they publish on site.

With growing need for specialization and customer awareness now players like Droom, CredR, are offering certified bikes for their customers. Now no need to take your local mechanic to check your bike before purchase. Certification of bike is done by trained professionals.  These companies offer you 50-70 point vehicle check before these are listed on their sites.

Moreover you can also avail warranty on these certified bikes. This adds upto the confidence of the customer as companies are not only checking and certifying your bike but they also willing the take the risk if anything goes wrong in due course.

Customer can also avail the Road side assistance (RSA) on his used bike. Earlier you could avail RSA only on Cars. Now these companies are offering it for bikes as well. RSA is an emergency assistance service which you can avail if anything goes wrong with your vehicle in any remote area during any time of day or any day of the year.It is a 24×7 and 365 day service. In cas of any emergency teh help can reaches you typically 40 mins to 1-2 Hrs depending on the location of the breakdown your bike.

RSA is a gret relief in situation where you are totally new or you do not know where to get the help from. Also the assistance coming is from a known source which adds to a layer of safety in not so safe surroundings.

Personal Insurance:No this is not bike insurance. This is for the rider. This is a new feature in market and has been developed keeping the fact in mind that average biker meets with accidents at least 2 times an year whether minor or severe. This comes at a very small cost but is a great security for your dependents. Also companies like are providing Fracture Insurance as a part of personal insurance package. Here you can avail a certain sum of money in case if accident happens and you incur a major fracture.In an event of fracture you will receive a lumsum amount irrespective of whatever cost you have incurred in treating your injury.

First Party & Third Party bike insurance:  Yes , online companies are offering First and third party bike insurance also on your purchase of old bikes. No need to find a general insurance agent to insure the bike. Please note that First party insurance is more comprehensive than third party . You should try and get First arty insurance Although a bit costly by couple of hundred Rs but it is worth every penny of it.


Door Step Srevice: Too busy to get your bike to service center, you an avail this service to get your bike serviced in your premises. Just schedule the appointment and they will come & service your bike at your doorstep. Most of the times these service are without bike wash but they do rest of servicing. You might have to pay them for Oil or any other parts change ., CredR are currently offering free door step service with every purchase.






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