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Buying Used Bikes in India


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Buying used vehicles in India could be a real painstaking task if you are not aware about the standard market operating procedure . People who have bought a used bike know what I am talking about.For those who are unaware, I would like to share my market insight with them. I have been working for 16 years in used vehicle business and have seen how two wheeler market is drastically different from other segments of bigger vehicles.

Markets in different parts of India are operate differently of course but few similarities are found in different states as well.

The used bike dealers mainly have two kind of vehicles on their outlets.


1.) Bikes which they have bought from Owners

2.)Bikes which they don’t own

Bikes which dealers have bought from their owners are usually are well serviced before they are sold.Dealer has got better chances of earning more money here as the he has bought the bike at much lower rate  and now he will make all minor fixes in the bike to improve the chances of selling bike asap. Remember , the dear has invested large chunk of money stuck here and he wants to sell it quicker to facilitate the rotation of the money.

So he is in a hurry , but it doesn’t mean that e will sell at low price always. He also needs to make bigger margin on the bike so he will bargain hard with you. Get a proper inspection of bike done before you buy it as all minor problems with the bikes will not be told to you.Trust me , this lot is never that honest when it comes to admitting the shortcoming in their inventory. Some people bring in their neighborhood mechanic to insect the vehicle for them. Better than not having anything but still largely unreliable because  most of these mechanics are not that good expert  or lack the basic mechanics of high end bikes.

A smarter step would be to get the bike certified by an authorized agency. There are authorized certification agencies. Some of them assess the vehicle condition  to determine the salvage value of the bike for insurance companies as well.They will charge a bit higher but its worth it to have bike certified by an expert.

Second kind of bikes are those where the bike are not actually bought by the dealer but owner knows the dealer and has kept his bike on dealer’s shop.Final price of this bike is largely determined by the owner  .Dealer gets his commission on selling the bike. Usually commission ranges from Rs. 500 t 1500Rs per bike.



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