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Ramnagar Fort in Varanasi: A Rich Heritage Worth Exploring


Ramnagar Fort Establishment-Ramnagar Fort history

Ramnagar Fort is located in Varanasi’s neighbouring city Ramanagar. Ramnagar is located on the eastern bank of the holy river Ganga, directly opposite to Varanasi. Ramnagar city faces Samne Ghat to Tulsi Ghat in Varanasi on opposite side of Ganga. A fortified edifice built in the 18th century, this impressive piece of architecture has weathered the test of time and witnessed countless historical changes. Ramnagar fort was built in 1750 by then-King Baldev Singh Saheb Bahadur (Bariband Singh).

Ramnagar Fort-Residence of Royal Family of Varanasi Kings

Since its beginnings, the majestic Ramnagar fort has served as the residence of the Royal family of Banaras. Ramnagar Fort, located on the banks of the Ganga, provides a beautiful view of Tulsi Ghat and the river. The fort is composed of cream-colored Chunar sandstone.

Ramnagar Fort Museum and Other Attractions

Ramnagar fort is one of Varanasi’s most popular tourist attractions, with a museum and a temple dedicated to Vedvyasa, the author of the Mahabharata, as well as a south-facing temple of Lord Hanuman inside the stronghold. The museum contains various traditional and royal antiques, some of which belonged to the Banaras Royal family. A good collection of vintage cars, mediaeval costumes, adorned seats, elephant saddles, magnificently brocaded palanquins, a massive astronomical clock, different manuscripts, literature, armoury and weaponry from that era, swords, ivory-woven textiles and so on may be seen.

The Maharaja of Varanasi currently lives in a portion of Ramnagar fort, but his title no longer exists. It has always been a famous tourist attraction. This must be on your list if you visit Varanasi. Come to Varanasi and discover the splendour of the old Ramnagar Fort!


Delicacy Lassi Near Ramnagar fort

Lassi near Ramnagar Fort is popular with visitors. During the summertime, this is a huge relief for everyone. This Lassi, along with many other delectable cuisine dishes, is a must-try when visiting here. Near the Ramnagar fort, you can also get Batashe, Til Revadi, Chaat, and other foods.

Philanthropic works of Kashi Naresh

Kashi Naresh’s family has a long history of supporting the arts, education, and culture. There are some chambers outside the Ramnagar fort that were formerly occupied by students. Kashi Naresh gave state support to poor and bright pupils. In addition to funding their education, he let students to dwell in the fort side quarters.

Kings Of Varanasi Ruled Though Ramnagar Fort

The Kingdom of Benaras was founded by its first king, Shri Mansa Ram. Raja Balwant Singh, one of his descendants, built the Ramnagar fort, from which all subsequent Kings reigned.

  1. Raja Balwant Singh
  2. Raja Chet Singh
  3. Raja Mahip Narayan Singh
  4. Raja Udit Narayan Singh
  5. His Highness Maharaja Shri Ishwari Prasad Narayan Singh
  6. Lt.Col. HH Maharaja Shri Sir Prabhu Narayan Singh Bahadur
  7. Capt. HH Maharaja Shri Sir Aditya Narayan Singh
  8. His Highness Maharaja Shri Dr. Vibhuti Narayan Singh
  9. His Highness Maharaja Shri Anant Narayan Singh (Present) 

Ramnagar Fort- Cultural Hub

The Ramnagar Fort is not only a historical landmark but also the center of cultural festivities. Previously, the fort’s grounds were utilised to host a variety of cultural events. On the occasion of Dussehra, a Ramlila was recently held near the fort. Even today, Kashi Naresh is a well-known respected figure in this region. Even though there aren’t many activities hosted here anymore, some devotees still visit the Ved Vyas temple that is located on the property during the festival season in January and February.

Raj Mangal is one of the oldest festivals held inside the complex. In the present times, the Ramnagar fort has also become a favorite shooting spot.

Old Cannon at Ramanagar Fort Varanasi
Ramnagar Fort Varanasi has great historical importance. It belongs to Bhumihar Brahmins Kings who liberated Kashi and near by districts from the clutches of Mughals.
Ramnagar Fort Varanasi
Temple inside Ramnagar fort
Interior area of Ramnagar fort

FAQs- About Ramnagar Fort

Q1. What is Ramnagar fort famous for?

A. Ramnagar Fort is famous for

  • A good collection of vintage cars
  • Medieval costumes
  • Decorated chairs
  • Elephant saddles,
  • Beautifully brocaded palanquins(Palaki)
  • Huge astronomical clock
  • Various old manuscripts & writings,
  • Armoury and weaponry of medival period, swords,
  • Textiles woven with ivory,
  • Residence of the Maharaja of Varanasi

Q2. Is there any entry fee for Ramnagar fort?

A. There used to be a minimal charge of Rs 15 or so a decade back however as per current information there is no entry fee in Ramnagar Fort.

Q3.Who built the Ramnagar fort?

A. Ramnagar fort was built by Raja Balwant Singh in around year around 1750.The Archaeological Survey of India took over and renovated the fort inyear 1972.

Q4. On which day Ramnagar Fort closed?

A. The Ramnagar fort remains open during daytime on all days except during festivals of Holi and Diwali.

Q5. What is inside Ramnagar fort?

A. The Ramnagar fort has museum inside which displays Old Palanquins, Armory-Guns, spears, knives, swords and cannons, Chariots, Vintage Cars, Sun Dial and much more across 3 buildings in 2 floors. Apart from Museum fort also has temples of Sage Vyasa, Chhinnmastika, Durga, Dakshinmukhi Hanuman.

Q6. Is photography allowed in Ramnagar fort?

A. Photography is allowed in Ramnagar fort on only limited areas such as outside the museum and by the banks and temples.

Q7.How much time it takes to visit Ramnagar fort?

A. There is bridge connecting Rammnagar to Samane Ghat in Varanasi city While boat rides might take an hour with bridge you can reach the fort in 7-10 minutes from Samne Ghat.

However the sightseeing in Ramnagar fort might take several hours as it has museaum, Sun dial , Vyas Temple and many more attractions.

Q8.How far is Ramnagar Fort from Varanasi Junction(Varanasi cantt)?’

A. Varanasi Junction (Varanasi Cantt) Railway Station is 12 Kilometers by road via Ramnagar bridge. By car car it may take 33 minutes minium. But Varanasi traffic is very unpredictable and narrow roads may get you stuck for hours.

Q9. What is Ramnagar fort also known as?

A. Ramnagar fort also known as ‘The residence of the Maharaja of Varanasi(Kashi Naresh)’ . Anant Narayan Singh is the titular Maharaja of Varanasi. Official titles of all Kings were abolished by Indian Government in the year 1971.

Q10. Which is the best time to visit Ramnagar?

A.The best time to visit Ramnagar fort is between October to March as it is winter season. However December and January can be avoided as well because this is peak winter season in North India.Hence the best months to visit Ramnagar fort are October, November, February and March which is pink winter season in the area. Summer season peaks up from April to June while July to September is rainy season. During the summers scorching north Indian heat will not let you take respite and duirng rainy season the Ganges overflow will not let you see the true beauty of the surroundings and might lead into travel difficulties.

Q11. What are the timings of Ramnagar fort?

A. The Ramnagar fort opens every day at 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Fort is not open on public holidays.

Q12.Who was the king of Ramnagar fort?

A.The Ramnagar Fort was built by Kashi Naresh Raja Balwant Singh in around the year 1850. His father Shri Mansaram was the frist ruler of the dynasty who became a ruler in th year 1836.

Q13.Why was Ramnagar fort built?

A. The Ramnagar fort was built for administrative purposes of Banaras State. First Varanasi Kings tried to build up their capital center at Gangapur but later shifted to Ramnagar fort which was just next to Varanasi city across the Ganges.

Q.14 How far is Chunar fort from Ramnagar Fort?

A. Chunar fort is approximately 29 Kilometers from Ramnagar Fort via Narayanpur route. It might take around 45 minutes by car to reach there. However an alternate route exists across the Ganges Via Dafi which is 32 Kms long and may take approximately 55 minutes to reach there.

Q15. How long is Ramnagar Bridge?

A. Ramnagar Bridge Varanasi is approximately 1.5 kilometres long. This bridge was built on Holy river Ganges to connect Varanasi city with Ramnagar town.

Q16. What is famous in Ramnagar Varanasi?

A. Famous in Ramnagar,

  • Ganges River
  • Ramleela (Month long play ends on Dashahara festival)
  • Ramnagar Fort
  • King of Varanasi
  • Vyas Kashi

Q17. Why is Ramnagar called Ramnagar?

A. Ramanagar city is just opposite to Varanasi city across holy Ganges river. It was earlier known as Vyas Kashi however during eighteenth century onwards many groups Played and Plays on life of Lord Ram and thus city got a new name as Ramnagar. Today the Ramleela of Ramnagar is world famous.

Q18. Who is current Kashi Naresh?(Ramnagar Fort present king)

A. Kashi Naresh Anant Narayan Singh is the current titular King of Narayan Dynasty of Varanasi Kings.

Q19. Where is Ramnagar Fort located ?

A. Ramnagar Fort is located at Kila Road, Crossing, Ram Nagar, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Ramnagar Fort: A Must-See Attraction on Your Varanasi Tour

Main Attractions

Ramnagar Fort is home to various monuments and temples, as well as a fascinating historical museum. The museum features antique vehicles, weapons from the past, palanquins, and other royal artifacts.

Brief History of Kings of Fort

Did you know that the foundation of the Kingdom of Kashi was laid in the year 1739 by King Mansaram. His son, King Baldev Singh quickly expanded his Kingdom and built Ramnagar fort.

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