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Bhaderwah Balidaan Diwas- Rucher Kumar Koul


“Ruchir Kumar Kaul” a brave warrior from Bhaderwah, Doda District who fought for Dharma against all odd, Do Read it especially those who call us Kashmiri Hindus Cowards without knowledge of great warriors like him and many others.

Rucher Kumar Koul-Pic courtesy Explore India

Observance of Martyr’s day in Bhaderwah on 7th of June. This is observed as Bhaderwah Balidaan Diwas.

In Jammu and Kashmir when Pak based marauders cleared the valley of original inhabitants and inheritors of old civilization,but failed to create liberated zone they eyed erstwhile Doda District.

This mountainous district with ravines dense forests and natural caves was most suited for guerrilla war-fare. In this district, terrorists choose Bhaderwah because they knew people here are fiercely nationalist and if they are uprooted there will be no resistance at other places.

They also showed their inhuman brutality by killing two innocent students who had gone to jungle to bring back their cattle one of them being a student of 9th class. Their eyes were gorged out and their livers and hearts were taken out.


To rectify the situation and weld the common people into an invisible force and stop mass exodus, there came a young man RUCHER KUMAR KOUL,on the scene fiercely nationalist and unmatched power of welding dispirited people into tough resistors were the hallmark of his personality.

He enthused people to the extent that they felt convinced that with their swords, kattas, desi guns, double barre guns etc enemies AK 47 UMG’s grenade launchers etc. can be defeated. He created a dedicated force of young men.

For the first time militants were being resisted by ordinary people in every village, Mohallah.The first example of unmatched valour was witnessed when village Sartingle was attacked by group of terrorists firing from their U.M.G s grenade launchers and AK 47 guns.

Nationalist people retaliated, with the result, militants suffered heavy losses in men and material. But they torched almost the entire village. There was no army or security forces, only ill equipped untrained ordinary police personnel were around. Yet they showed unmatched courage and exemplery bravery against all odds.

These are the people wee need today. And we need many many more like them.

Source: By Himanshu Sharma

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