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Why Temples & Maths should have targets for Ghar Vapasi?


Tejasvi Surya talked about Temples/Mutts to have targets for Ghar Wapsi.

He hits the nail on the head !! (I am ignoring the fact he had to retract the statement for political compulsions) !!

There is a reason why Xtianity and Ilsam has become these humungous entities today !!

And that key reason is the commitment, blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of their Religious leadership.

Xtian priests still operate in all the dangerous puslim countries. Century after century they have operated in the most hostile terrains of China, Mongolia, Japan, Ilsamic countries trying to convert people there. Thousands of Xtian priest have been decimated in the process but they have come back again and again. They have been relentless, willing to operate in the most hostile of places away from their cozy European lifestyles in the jungles of Africa, South East Asia. Hundreds of them are willing to spend their entire life “spreading the word of God”.


Ilsamic religious leaders have operated with similar zeal, allying with the kings and going all out to convert the kaffirs. Even after conversions they have made sure they keep the mulsim societies together totally focussed on their religion.Puslims priests have accompanied their puslims kings on all kinds of wars, risking their life and limb to ensure ilsam is spread across the world.

And it is to the credit to the zeal of their religious leaders that between them they have solid presence in 140+ countries and 4 billion adherents.

What has the Hindu religious leadership done in comparision – Nothing !!

I would not agree with people who say that Hinduism doesnt convert or prosletyize people. We were present in Afghanistan, pakistan, bangladesh, India, Nepal, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Veitnam and even pre Islamic Arabia etc. This couldnt have happened without the attempts of the Chola dynasty to spread Sanatana Dharma in South East Asia or the Gurajara/Pratihara kings to take it to Afghanistan, Arabia etc.

Similarly the preIslamic warring tribes of Hunas, Shakyas etc. were converted by the Hindu Brahmins to Dharma and made Kshatriyas. It is this zeal that explains our prescence in so many countries.

But eventually the Hindu Religious Leadership focussed more on enjoying their privilege and ignored their duties. Now going out and spreading Dharma is tough and dangerous. Focussing of the socio political aspects of Dharma is tough. They therefore took on the easy path by focussing on the ritualistic aspect of Dharma . Hence stressing on the rituals, vidhis etc. and totally forgetting their socio political responsibilities.

The Hindu Religious leadership has totally abdicated it’s responsibility towards Dharma and is on a path of escapism from the harsh truth for the last 12 centuries. Adi Sankara was idol they should have aspired to, the one who revived Dharma from death . The greatest contribution of Adi Sankara is not his works on Upadesasahasri, Vivarana, Prasthana Trayi but his key contribution is protecting Dharma, and institutionalizing Dharma – by setting up Mathas and the institution of Shankaracharya. And since then there is only Srila Prabhupadha who set up ISKCON who has done somewhat similar.
Between these two great men, the Dharmic Religious leadership contribution to Dharma was zero. Yes, that was the extent of Intellectual Bankruptcy in Dharma.

It is high time our Hindu Religious leadership take up some serious responsibility. Temples and Matha should have targets. That will force them reach out to Hindus and non Hindus and bring them to Dharma.
This will also force them to involve themselves with the socio political challenges that Dharma is threatened with rather than cocooning themselves in their Mathas and Temples. For eg. what kind of political influence does the Hindu religious leadership have in India – nothing !! They cannot even influence the political leadership on anything related to Dharma. On the contrary, the Ilsamic and Xtian Religious leadership have a powerful grip on the political spectrum of the country including the Ruling party. They are able to get concessions from every party in country !!

Setting targets for the Temples and Mathas would invigorate Dharma and should be the way for the future. It is setting up tangible objectives like this that will revive and spread Dharma in the future.

It is unfortunate Tejasvi Surya had to retract such an brilliant statement, but again if the Dharmic leadership was invested significantly in the Political apparatus of the country, things would not have come to such a pass.

Written by_ Robert William : His original post

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