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A Tale of Bravery and Chivalry : Rajputs


A Tale of Bravery and Chivalry : Maharana Pratap & His Son Amar Singh

Rahim was a commander of Akbar’s army. He was sent by Akbar to capture Maharana, abduct Hindu women and destroy temples.

Before Rahim could reach his destination, Maharana’s eldest son Amar Singh found an opportunity and captured Rahim’s contingent and women.

He brought the captured women before Maharana.

But Maharana Pratap was very furious. “Why did you capture these women. Do you not know that we fight Dharmayuddha? If we do this, what is the difference between us(Hindu) and them(Muslims)?”

Maharana ordered Amar Singh to set the women free and return them back to their camp with respect.


When Rahim heard of this, his entire attitude towards his enemy changed. He had a genuine change of heart. He praised Maharana and Mewar. He also began exploring Hinduism and India. He began writing poems in praise of Krishna. He became more Hindu than Muslim. All the Rahim’s Dohas were penned by him.

This is the impact of the Maharana. How an act of kindness could change the heart of an enemy is well illustrated by this episode

Young Amar Singh intercepted Rahim's move and captured their women instead to save Hindu women from invading forces

Young Amar Singh intercepted Rahim’s move and captured their women instead to save Hindu women from invading forces

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