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Meaning of Ramcharitmanas?


As everyone knows that this is the name of greatest epic composed by great devotee of Lord Rama, Sri Tulsidas. Hanuman ji personally came to Sri Tulsidas and narrated him about Ram Charitra on the back of bank of river Ganges at Varanasi.

Rama: supreme personality of godhead Shri Ramchandra, son of King Dasharath and Master of Servent Hanuman.

Charita: life journey, Biography, the wonderful and transcendental activities he have performed just to “ paritranaya sadhunam vinashyacha dushkrutan dharma sansta panarthaya..”

Manas : attractive to mind and heart of each and individual being .


Another meaning: Lake of the great deeds of Lord Ramchandra, all seven khanda or canto are the seven lands inside the lake.

Ramcharitmanas consists of seven Khandas (literally “books” or “episodes”, cognate with cantos). Tulsidas compared the seven Khandas of the epic to seven steps leading into the holy waters of Lake Manasarovar “which purifies the body and the soul at once”.

The first two parts, Bal Khaṇḍ (Childhood Episode) and Ayodhaya Khand (Ayodhya Episode), make up more than half of the work. The other parts are Araṇya Khand (Forest Episode), Kishkindha Khand (Kishkindha Episode), Sundar Khand (Pleasant Episode), Lanka Khand (Lanka Episode), and Uttar Khand (Later Episode). The work is primarily composed in the Chaupai metre (four-line quatrains), separated by the Doha metre (two-line couplets), with occasional Soratha and various Chhand metres.

Ramcharitmanas is structured around three separate conversations. The conversations happen between Shiva and Parvati, Sages Bharadwaj and Yajnavalkya and finally Kakbhushundi and the king of birds, Garuda. Some scholars are of the opinion that there is also an underlying personal conversation between Tulsidas and Lord Rama all through the text of Ramcharitmanas.

!!Jai Shri Ram!!

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