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Lord Krishna: Some Basic Historical Facts


On 11 August 2020 we celebrated Shri Krishna Janmashtami .

We present you some historical facts about Shri Krishna today.

Kirshna’s Birth details

Krishna was born 5,252 years ago as on 11/08/2020.

  • Year of Birth: 3228BC
  • Month: Shravan
  • Day: Ashtami
  • Nakshatra:- Rohini
  • Day:- Wednesday
  • Time:- 00:00 A.M.

Shri Krishna lived 125 years, 08 months & 07 days.



  • Date of Birth of Lord Krishna- 18th July, 3228 BCE.
  • Date of Demise:- 18th February 3102

Mahabharata War Led By Lord Krishna

When Krishna was 89 years old, the mega war – Mahabharata war took place in Kurukshetra. He died 36 years after the Kurukshetra war.

  • Kurukshetra War was started on Mrigashira Shukla Ekadashi,BCE 3139.
  • i.e 8th December 3139 and ended on 25th December, 3139.
  • (There was a Solar eclipse between 3pm to 5pm on 21st December, 3139.
  • Bhishma died on 2nd February, the First Ekadasi of the Uttarayana, in 3138BC.)
Shri Govind Gopal Krishna-Featured2

Krishna is worshipped as:

  • Krishna Kanhaiyya : Mathura
  • Jagannath:- In Odisha
  • Vithoba:- In Maharashtra
  • Srinath:- In Rajasthan
  • Dwarakadheesh:- In Gujarat
  • Ranchhod:- In Gujaarat
  • Krishna : Udipi, Karnataka
  • Krishna, Gopal, Mahdav,Govind- Everywhere else

Sri Krishna’s Family Details

  • Bilological Father:- Vasudeva
  • Biological Mother:- Devaki
  • Adopted Father:- Nanda
  • Adopted Mother:- Yashoda
  • Elder Brother:- Balaram
  • Sister:- Subhadra
  • Birth Place:- Mathura
  • Wives: Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, Lakshmana

His own Wars

Krishna is reported to have killed several demons and warriors in his lifetime, including these four people who hated him to the extreme.

  1. Chanoora – the Wrestler
  2. Kamsa – his maternal uncle
  3. Shishupaala and
  4. Dantavakra – his cousins.

Sri Krishna’s childhood

Life was full of challenges for Shri Krishn right from his birth.

  • His parents were in prison when he was born.
  • He was raised by his foster parents Nand Baba and Mother Yashoda in a village across river Yamuna.
  • His biological mother Devaki was from Ugra clan, and Father Vasudeva from Yadava clan.
  • He was born dark-skinned akin to the color of water-filled clouds. He was very attractive and beautiful.
  • He was named after his color by Gargacharya. Krishna means- The Black one.
  • The whole village of Gokul treated him with utmost affection and gave him different names like Kanha, Kanhaiyaa, Muralidhar, Gopal etc.
  • His childhood was wrought with life-threatening situations. His maternal uncle Kamsa sent many demons to kill him but Krishna finished them all with supreme ease.
  • Drought and the threat of wildfire made them shift from Gokul to Vrindavan at the age nine.

He stayed in Vrindavan till 14-16 years. He killed his enemy Kamsa at the age – 14-16 years at Mathura. He then released his biological mother and father from Kamsa’s prison.

He never returned to Vrindavan ever again.

His Later Life

He had to migrate to Dwaraka from Mathura due to repeated attacks of Jarasandha. Krishna killed a middle Eastern (Probably Arabian) warrior – Kala Yaavana. He defeated Jarasandha seventeen times but did not kill him. In his last war with Jarasandha included Vainatheya Tribes on Gomantaka hill.

He rebuilt Dwaraka. He then left to Sandipani’s Ashram in Ujjain to start his schooling at age 16-18. He had to fight the pirates from Africa and rescue his teachers son – Punardatta who was kidnapped near Prabhasa, a seaport in Gujarat.

Help to Pandavas

After his education, he came to know about his cousins ‘Pandvas’ fate of Vanvas. He came to their rescue in Wax house. His role was immense in this saga of Pandavas.

  • Then, he helped his cousins to establish Indraprastha and their Kingdom.
  • He saved Draupadi from embarrassment.
  • He stood by his cousins Pandvas during their exile.
  • He stood by them and made them win the Kurushetra war.

Established a city far away from his birthplace

  • After leaving Mathura Krishna Established holy city of Dwaraka city near sea, far away from his birthplace.
  • He ruled the city alongwith his elder brother Shri Balram.
  • But at the end, he saw the end of his clan due to a curse of Durvasa rishi.
  • He saw his cherished city, Dwaraka washed away.
  • He was wounded by an arrow shot in his heels by a hunter in the nearby forest. Then he took Samadhi and left to his heavenly abode.
  • His devotees continue to claim to see him in their visions.

Sri Krishna showed many miracles right from his birth. His life was always full of challenges but a grand successful one. There was not a single moment when he was at peace throughout his life. At every turn he faced new challenges and eventually more and more complex ones. He faced everything and everyone with a sense of equanimity and yet remained unattached. He is the only person who knew the past and future, yet he lived at that present moment always.

He and his life is truly an example for every human being.

Krishna Image in Yagya Fire

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