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Kamla Harris: The half Indian who despises India & Indians


Indians should not be fooled by name of Kamal Harris. Indians are often every emotional and tend to support anyone who has any commection with Indian roots. However it should be noted that we have a large number of traitors in India itself who are genetically more Indian than these distant cousins like Kamala Harris who have strong ant India voews to the extent that they even dont even like to metntion their Indian roots unless it is benegfiiiting theme in any way.

Harris is the daughter of a Chennai-born mother, Shyamala Gopalan, who arrived in the US in 1960 and a Jamaican-origin father, Donald Harris. They divorced later.

Kamal Harris always refrained from mentioning her Indian roots and always identified herself as African-American.

To Start with lets remember that Kamala Harris has pro Kashmir views and supports Joe Biden who is strong supporter of China and Pakistan.


Harris has remained a tough critic of India’s domestic policies under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She has been vocal on most contentious issue in India, Kashmir. But what exactly are her views on Kashmir. Let’s find out.

‘We’ve to remind the Kashmiris that they’re not alone in the world’ 

These resounding words of Kamala Harris, that have been widely quoted after she was chosen by Joe Biden to be the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential candidate

Her statement was quick to become popular, when she spoke at an event in Texas during October 2019 – two months after the abrogation of Article 370.

“We’ve to remind the Kashmiris that they are not alone in the world. We are keeping a track on the situation. There is a need to intervene if the situation demands,” said the woman who acknowledges the role of her Indian heritage in her African-American upbringing.

She was very vocal in against the decisions of Indian External affairs Jaishankar Prasad who refused to meet anti India lobby delegation in December 2019.

See her views:

Hear more of her anti India views & stand from our various other Indian nationalist and other sources too

One of the Users have expressed her views in very clear and strong terms.

She is NOT Indian. Please don’t go soft on this Biden harris ticket. They both are Anti India. — Vaidehi 

Taking a cue a we also have similar feelings looking at her past.

Indians in US and across the globe should remember that Kamala Harris is wolf in sheep skin and if elected will always work against India and Indians. While patriotic Indians have done well for India across the globe, however traitors of India and Hindus have spread far and wide too.

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