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Four Great Nights of Tantra: तंत्र-मन्त्र की चार महान रात्रियाँ


Time has been given the utmost importance in our Sanatan Dharma. The importance of exact time for specific events has been emphasized very thoroughly in our scriptures. Time is called ‘Kala‘ in Sanskrit, ‘Kala‘ also means death as well. Thus time has been given at par respect to death in our culture. Lord Shri Krishna himself says in Geeta that I am the Kala among those who count. He also showed his ‘Mahakala’ form to Arjuna.

There is a story about the importance of timings. Once Lakshmana asked about the importance of time to Rishi Vishvamitra. Rishi Vishvamitra explained it in a very unique way. he gave mantra to Lord Ram and asked him to chant and shoot an arrow through four Palm trees at an exact time in a single shot.

Lord Ram shot the arrow empowered with mantra at the exact time said by Rishi Vishvamitra. Arrow pierced through the trees. They went near the trees and observed. The First trees shot had turned into a golden tree. The second tree turned into a Silver tree and third into Iron while the fourth remained as it is.

The abovementioned story emphasizes the importance of timing in our culture.

For mantra ‘siddhi’ (Empowreemnt of Mntar for one self). the timings are even more critical.


There are normal days when the effect of Matra chanting will be at just normal level. However there are certain days when the mantra chanting effect is multiple times, at time hundred, thousands or hundred thousand tiem more powerful and hence gives many fold merit.

Mantra siddhi becomes easier on these days. These days act like Super catalyst and increase the effect of Mantras by several thousand times. These days are called Darun Ratris. ( Darun= dreadful Night). Now why we call them darun or dreadful? There are many dimensions In the universe and many entities that are not visible to humans also exist. These nights are the times when these entities become more fierce and hyperactive. Similarly, the Sattvic forces are also on high consciousness level to counter the dark forces.

If a person wants to do the siddhi of the drak forces or even the Sattvic forces his chants( as request) are accepted with more affirmatively. The effect of his chants becomes many folds.

These four great ratris are as follows in order of their occurrence in Hindu Lunar calendar:

  • Shri Krishna Janmashtami ( Moh Ratri)
  • Diwali ( (Kaal Ratri)
  • Maha Shiva Ratri (Maha Ratri)
  • Holika Dahan (Darun Ratri)

Maha Shivaratri:

This is also called ‘Maha Ratri’ (Maha=Great). On the day of Maharatri, Present, Past and Future all three become one at one point . This unique phenomenon connects the higher dimensions of Yakhsas, Ghadndharvas,Kinnnar to our Earth. Hence the mantras etc which are chanted are directly in sync with the higher lokas and hence the siddhi becomes quick.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami:

This is also called Moha Ratri (Moha= Attachment). The forever continuous flow of Kala'( Time) stops for a couple of ‘Palas’ ( Palak is derived from Pal so we may derive that the time taken to one flicker of Palak (eyelids) would be On Pal. This phenomenon established the contact of our Earth to the higher realm of Dev Loka. And thus the siddhis are much easier on this night.

Holika Dahan:

This is also called Darun ratri. The flow of Kala( Time also stops for few Palas on this night as well. This rare event establishes the connection between earth and all the other Lokas within the real of Mahakala. Also a fine connection is established between the Sookshm Loka(Astral Ream) of Earth to these higher lokas. This also ensures speedy success in Sdhanas.


This is called Kaal Ratri. This night also has its unique spiritual significance like other nights . However, it also carries a uniqueness as it represents of Parama Shoonya( Absolute Zero) or also called as Parama Akash . This is the realm where all powers of Mahaakaal are situated in their absolute infinite forms. These power only manifest as different letters, number , which is again corroborated into different Mantras and Yantras

तंत्र -मन्त्र की चार महान रात्रियाँ

रात्रियों में चार मुख्य और महत्वपूर्ण रात्रियाँ हैं–महारात्रि, मोहरात्रि, दारुण रात्रि और काल रात्रि। शिवरात्रि को महारात्रि, कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी को मोहरात्रि, होलिका की रात्रि को दारुण रात्रि और दीपावली की रात्रि को काल रात्रि कहा गया है।

शिवरात्रि : महारात्रि के समय भूत, भविष्य और वर्तमान में तीनों कालखण्ड एक पल के लिए एक हो जाते हैं जिसके फलस्वरूप यक्ष, गन्धर्व, किन्नर आदि लोकों से सीधा सम्बन्ध स्थापित हो जाता है भूलोक से।

कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी : मोहरात्रि के समय काल का अनन्त प्रवाह भी एक या दो पल के लिए ठहर जाता है, जिसके फलस्वरूप देवलोक से सीधा सम्बन्ध स्थापित हो जाता है भूलोक का।

होलिका दहन रात्रि : इसी प्रकार दारुण रात्रि के समय महाकाल का अनन्त प्रवाह कुछ पल के लिए ठहर जाता है जिसका परिणाम यह होता है कि महाकाल के अन्तर्गत जितने भी लोक-लोकान्तर हैं, उन सबका सम्बन्ध स्थापित हो जाता है सीधा भूलोक से। भूलोक का एक भाग सुक्ष्म लोक है जिसमें विदेही आत्माएं निवास करती हैं। उस अवस्था में उन आत्माओं का संपर्क स्थापित हो जाता है लोक-लोकान्तर से।

दीपावली की रात्रि : चौथी रात्रि है–कालरात्रि। यह रात्रि अन्य रात्रियों से पृथक अपना महत्व रखती है। इसकी अपनी आध्यात्मिक विशेषता तो है ही, इसके अतिरिक्त अलौकिक विशेषता भी है। इसलिए महाकाल के ऊपर जो कालातीत अवस्था है, वहां परम शून्य है जिसको योग की भाषा में ‘परमाकाश’ कहते हैं। आकाश सात प्रकार के होते हैं जिनमें ‘परमाकाश’ अन्तिम आकाश और उस परमाकाश में महाकाल की अन्तहीन शक्तियां क्रियाशील हैं। कहने की आवश्यकता नहीं, वे अन्तहीन शक्तियां ही विभिन्न रूपों में, अंक, वर्ण और स्वर के रूप में अभिव्यक्त होती हैं जिनका उचित संयोजन कर यंत्र और मन्त्र का रूप दिया जाता है।

Knowledge source: Param Poojaniya Shri Arun Kumar Sharmaji

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