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How Dhyana Produces the Aura Around Yogis


When we do Dhyan our power our Mind(Manah Shakti) and power of Lifeforce (Prana Shakti) combine . This produces Bio Electro-Magnetic energy in three places at our Brain, In our Heart and at our Navel . This is produced by the interaction of magnetic fields of South and North poles . The energy produced at these three places gives rise to the Aura of a Yogi.

This happens only when we sit facing in West direction. When we sit facing west our left side will be facing South direction and right side towards North direction. In this situation, the magnetic forces from south will enter our body from left and magnetic forces from North will enter our body from right. When we meditate (Dhyana) in this situation Bio electro-magnetic forces will be produced at Brain , Heart and Navel as described above which will form the Aura around us.

To prevent any loss of this Bio electro-magnetic force from contact to Earth we should sit on a wooden platform covered completely with thick woolen blanket.


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